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Ovonni QY-1042 Review – Nano Titanium Plates & Dual Voltage

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Ovonni-Nano-Titanium-Hair-StraightenerFlat irons come in different styles and the plates can be made of several types of material from ceramic to tourmaline. The combination of high heat and the right plate materials means that the flat iron will perform at its best. The Ovonni has a plate size of 1.75 inches and weighing at 1.35 pounds, this lightweight flat iron is easy to handle and can get your hair straightened with no issue. From features that makes straightening easy such as the nano titanium plates to the instant 18-second heat up, the Ovonni Hair Straightener combines advanced heating technology with some standard features as well.

The Ovonni Hair Straightener is ideal for travelers with its dual voltage ability and easy to handle due to its 360 tangle-free swivel power cord. With a one-year replacement plan as well as 2-year warranty, the Ovonni Hair Straightener is a safe option that performs well. The Ovonni uses the nano titanium heat conduction material. The nano titanium plates have a much more advanced MCH heater. With varying heat settings, ranging from 300 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, the Ovonni Hair Straightener works for the thin, normal and thick hair types.


  • Nano Titanium Plates

    For optimal heat conduction, the Ovonni uses nano titanium plates. Holding heat extremely well, the Ovonni heats up in 18 seconds. These nano titanium plates will heat up to its maximum temperature within seconds and have a recovery time of about 3 seconds. The nano titanium can protect the hair against heat damage. The Ovonni can conduct heat and maintain controlled heat settings.

  • Heat Settings

    The Ovonni Nano-Titanium has three heat settings to address different hair types. When set on 300 degrees Fahrenheit, the hair straightener works best on thin hair. With fine, thin hair the Ovonni adds shine all while still protecting. For normal hair, the heat setting should be at 315 degrees Fahrenheit. The highest setting of 450 degrees Fahrenheit gives the best results and is for thick hair. The heat settings help prevent damage to your hair.

  • Safety Feature

    When using flat irons that provide high levels of heat, there should be safety features in place. The Ovonni hair straightener has the automatic shut off feature. After 60 minutes, the Ovonni hair straightener automatically shuts off. The quick start up time means that there should be caution when using the Ovonni hair straightener. The Ovonni has dual voltage adaptability that allows users to travel with their hair straightener easily. This straightener ranges from 100 to 240 volts which enables worldwide use.


  • Design Issues

    The 1.75-inch wide plate works best on longer hair. And by longer hair, we mean longer than shoulder length. The length of the plate makes it difficult to effectively straighten short hair. Also, to the size of the hair straightener, the handle of the flat iron does not contain the heat. The Ovonni Hair Straightener gets as hot as 450 degrees Fahrenheit which means that the handle needs to be better protected. The handle gets hot and makes it uncomfortable to hold. Ovonni could use a stronger material that holds heat better, using the hair straightener would more appealing.

  • Heat Damage

    Ovonni Hair Straightener reaches as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit. With a hair straightener that can reach this high temperature, caution should be used. The heat settings on the Ovonni does help with knowing what temperature will work best for your hair. With any flat iron, you need to remember not to apply the hair straightener to the hair too long.

Wrap Up

The Ovonni Nano Titanium Hair Straightener is a lightweight straightener with a plate size of 1.75 inches. The heat conduction material gets as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The Ovonni Hair Straightener has a one-year replacement as well as a 2-year warranty. With its dual voltage, which ranges from 100 to 240 volts, means the hair straightener can be used worldwide. The Ovonni Hair Straightener heats up in 18 seconds and can recover in about 3 seconds. The drying vents on the Ovonni evaporates moisture from the hair quickly. Overall, the Ovonni Nano Titanium Hair Straightener has several features that will give you shiny, straight hair without concerns of heat damage.

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