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MiroPure Professional Review – Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron


MiroPure Tourmaline Ceramic Coating Curling IronThe MiroPure is more than your everyday curling iron. It was created to not just curl your hair, but to protect it from heat damage. About 15 inches long with a 1 ½ inch curler, MiroPure Curling Iron has a large digital display and temperatures that reaches up to 410°F. In addition to reaching such a high temperature, MiroPure has PTC heating technology. Officially called the “Positive Temperature Coefficient”, this curling iron heats up within 60 seconds.

MiroPure can be taken with you wherever you travel. The ceramic curling iron has universal voltage, ranging from 100 to 240 volts. In addition, this curling iron works on many different hair types. With its convenient settings, MiroPure is user-friendly. It also protects against heat damage with its ceramic barrel and patented PTC heating technology. This curling iron is a great choice that gives you beautiful, long-lasting curls.


  • Convenient Features

    The MiroPure curling iron has features that are convenient to use. First, the soft-grip handle is easy to hold for an extended period of time. MiroPure gives you an easy to grip handle so you can curl your entire hair with less stress on the hand. Another convenient feature is MiroPure’s barrel. With a smooth tip, it prevents your hair from getting snagged. The last feature to highlight is the temperature setting. The temperature is digitally displayed towards the top of the handle. The numbers appear well-lit and easy to read. A digital temperature display means you have a less likely chance of burning your hair from your curling iron being too hot.

  • Tourmaline Ceramic

    MiroPure curling iron’s barrel is made with tourmaline ceramic. This type of ceramic is better than metal. Tourmaline ceramic evenly distributes heat to your hair. The technology with this curler is quite amazing that it heats hair from the inside-out. With a ceramic curling iron, the heat is able to penetrate the hair quicker. This means that your styling time is cut down to a minimum. Another benefit to the tourmaline ceramic compared to metal curling irons is the anti-static technology. The risk of static in your hair is reduced due to the anti-static technology. MiroPure has negatively charged particles that reduce any frizz and “flyaways” in your hair.

  • High Temperature

    The MiroPure curling iron comes with six temperature settings. This curling iron gets as high as 410°F. The patented feature of the MiroPure curling iron is the Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) Heating Technology. This technology means you can heat up the curling iron quickly, within 60 seconds. The MiroPure does not keep you waiting for the curling iron to reach the desired temperature. Having PTC means your MiroPure curling iron will give you sleek, bouncy curls and waves.


  • Sensitive Control Button

    One of the main issues with MiroPure is the position of the multi-purpose control button. This button turns the curling on and off as well as control the temperature. Located on the handle, it is easy to accidentally hit this button. A lot of users change the temperature setting and don’t realize it happened. A way to improve this would be if it had a notification or beep to notify the user that the temperature has changed.

  • Larger Thumb Clip

    MiroPure has a long barrel, which makes it perfect for curling longer hair. However, the thumb clip used to open and close the clamp on your hair, could be larger. Its current size makes it harder to press and can cause you to burn your thumb. If you are already twisting and turning your curling iron, if the thumb clip is also small, it only makes styling difficult.

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Wrap Up

If you are looking for a curling iron, the MiroPure is a grade above the standard metal barrel curling irons. With a 1 ½ inch barrel and 15 inches in length, this “easy to handle” tourmaline ceramic curling iron does not cause heat damage and reduces frizz. It comes with six temperature settings that works on several hair types. MiroPure has several convenient features such as safety protection, accessible on/off buttons and a smooth tip to prevent tagging. The tourmaline ceramic barrel gives so many benefits to your hair such as protection from heat as well as even heat distribution. Therefore, the MiroPure curling iron gives you beautiful, long-lasting curls.

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