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Kipozi K-139 Review – Special Titanium Floating Plates

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KIPOZI-Professional-Titanium-Flat-Iron-Hair-StraightenerThe Kipozi Professional Titanium Flat Iron has precision-milled titanium floating plates. When looking for a hair straightener, there are many options with different plate materials. The main point of the flat iron would be to have straight hair. The bonus is if the flat iron can also give curls and create other styles other than just straightening. The Kipozi has several smart features such as heat settings, universal voltage and automatic shut off. Having a diverse flat iron means you can travel with it as well as it is great on different types of hair.

Flat irons that offer different heat settings are a good sign that they have a lower risk of causing heat damage. Being able to control the temperature enables you to find the right setting for you. The Kipozi flat iron has professional, salon-like qualities. The advanced heat technology is the main reason this flat iron is liked by many. The features are not just smart, but also user-friendly.


  • Great Features

    One feature that could make or break a flat iron is their plates. With plates being made of several different materials, some have become a staple within flat irons. The Kipozi flat iron has titanium floating plates. The 1.75 plates have a nano titanium specialty that helps prevent heat damage. Kipozi flat iron was made to hold heat with its precision milled plates that have homogeneous heat emitting ability.

  • High Temperatures

    The Kipozi flat iron has three settings all targeting different hair types. The temperature ranges from 170 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which can be considered as a wide range. Unlike some other well-known brands, the lowest setting is not one of the three pre-sets. For fragile hair, the suggested heat setting is 270 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have damaged or colored hair, the Kipozi flat iron should be set on 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The highest pre-set temperature is 410 degrees Fahrenheit for healthy hair. The Kipozi even has a default temperature that you can easily access by pressing the “P” letter on the flat iron, conveniently located on the side between the temperature gauge buttons.

  • Performs Well

    Taking your flat iron with you when traveling is a huge benefit. The Kipozi flat iron has universal voltage, ranging from 100 to 240 volts. The Kipozi has a special electronic circuit that automatically converts the voltage for worldwide usage. There are also safety features that assist in flawless performance from the Kipozi. There is the automatic shut off feature that activates after 60 minutes of non-use. The intelligent temperature reducer on the Kipozi means that your flat iron won’t overheat even if you ever forget to shut off after use. The 8 ft heavy duty swivel power cord allows you to style your curls freely without any hassle or restrictions.

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  • Protecting Against Heat Damage

    Flat irons are designed to heat up enough to straighten the most difficult hair types. The Kipozi flat iron was intended for that exact purpose. With its heat settings and large digital temperature LCD display, the Kipozi has features that make it easy to monitor the temperature. Even so, with a flat iron that can reach 450 degrees Fahrenheit, the risk of heat damage may occur. To prevent this from happening, it is always a good idea to test the flat iron on small sections of your hair to see what temperature can get your hair straightened.

  • Plates

    A flat iron should have plates that properly line up and that can close tight. It should be able to close as tight as your hair needs to get that silky, straight look. The Kipozi has paid much attention to its plates to ensure they give the best results. If there is a gap within the plates, that could reduce its straightening ability. The Kipozi could improve the plates to ensure they all close tight and smooths over the hair.


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Wrap Up

Overall, the Kipozi Professional Titanium Flat Iron has many features that make it a remarkable flat iron for curly hair. From the large digital LCD display to the special nano-titanium floating plates, the Kipozi delivers consistent heat without overexposure. The versatility this flat iron ranges from straightening to curling and even shaping. The plates heat up quickly and can easily be controlled by the accessible buttons on the side of the flat iron. If you looking for an affordable flat iron that can not only straighten but also give you diverse styles, the Kipozi flat iron is a great choice.