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KIPOZI K-137 Review – Titanium 3D Floating Plates


KIPOZI 1 Inch Pro Nano-Titanium Flat IronUsing flat irons on fine hair is a risky job. If you pull down the iron a little too fast, your fine strands can get yanked from their roots. This can cause headaches and even severe hair damage.
Styling under such risks is no fun! We all need to invest in flat irons best suited for our hair types. If we can’t use our flat irons with ease, getting that perfect straight hairstyle will be a difficult task.
So, we took a look at the most popular products available in the market to find out which hair straightener is the best for fine hair. The Kipozi Pro Nano-Titanium Flat Iron outshines all other flat irons in a number of ways!
Here’s what we love the most about the Kipozi Flat Iron!

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  • Easy on Hair

    This flat iron from Kipozi has 3D floating plates that are 1 inch wide. It glides smoothly down the length of your hair without pulling them. This product clasps your hair firmly yet gently to straighten them without causing any harm. The floating plates continuously adjust themselves in order to avoid snagging and breaking of fine hair. This tool has been designed very carefully to give you a pleasant experience with great results.

  • Anti-Frizz Technology

    The flat iron seals your hair cuticles and reduces the frizz in your hair, giving them a smooth, presentable appearance. Its negative ion technology gives your hair a healthy-looking shine.

  • Ideal Temperatures and Heat

    The Kipozi Flat Iron takes only 30 seconds to heat up to your desired temperature. This is really helpful if you’re on a busy schedule and have little time to spare! This flat iron has multiple heat options for different hair types:
    140°C is the best for fine hair.
    180°C is suitable for hair that is colored and damaged from treatments.
    210°C works well on healthy hair!
    The temperature is convertible from Fahrenheit to Celsius, so you can adjust it as you like!

  • Travel-Friendly

    This flat iron can adjust to international voltage systems (110V – 240V), so you can use it anywhere during your travels! It also comes with a safety lock that prevents the iron from accidentally opening.

  • Low Electricity Consumption

    The ceramic plates that are coated in titanium keep the iron hot for a long time. This means that the iron doesn’t conduct electricity while it’s hot, so rest assured your electricity bill won’t shoot through the roof. This device also shuts down automatically to avoid wasting electricity. You can decide the shut-down time by simply using the switch button and adjusting with ‘+’ and ‘-’ signs.

  • Good for Low Budget Prices

    If you’re looking for an incredible flat iron on a low budget, the Kipozi Flat Iron is the best investment for you!

  • Acts as a Curling Iron

    This Kipozi device not only helps to achieve satin-smooth and straight hair, but it is also an amazing curler. You can wrap strands of your hair between the plates and get beautiful curls in no time!

  • Sleek Design

    This Kipozi Flat Iron is a beautiful model. It has an elegant gold exterior with an LCD touch screen for controlling the system.

  • 8.2 ft. Swivel Cord

    This device is attached with an 8.2 ft. long cord that rotates 360°. This allows you to roam around freely while straightening your hair!

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  • Occasional Snagging

    This flat iron from Kipozi has been designed carefully to prevent snagging. However, sometimes, hair does end up getting stuck in the floating plates. You can easily avoid this by carefully adjusting the angle of your flat iron.

  • A Little Fragile

    This device has a touch screen and a body that might break if it falls. This is actually simple to avoid if you grasp your flat iron firmly.

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The Kipozi Pro Nano-Titanium Flat Iron is a great flat iron for different hair types. It works smartly by keeping the temperature suitable for your hair and avoids harshness with fine hair strands.
For a low budget, this device gives a high-quality performance. Its titanium coated nonporous surface gives you silky smooth and straightened hair in no time! Best of all, it’s ideal for travelers because it can adjust to different voltages and fits easily in your backpack or carrier.

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