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Infiniti Pro by Conair CS710RN Review – Tourmaline Ceramic Plates


INFINITIPRO-BY-CONAIR-Tourmaline-Ceramic-Flat-IronThe search for an affordable flat iron that can actually perform can be challenging. Luckily, Conair has created a simple ceramic flat iron that can tackle a range of hair types at an approachable price point. The Conair Infiniti Pro is 1” flat iron with tourmaline ceramic plates. The Infiniti Pro is 13.9” in total length and has an overall sleek design making it easy to handle. With the Infiniti Pro, the flat iron reaches the highest heat at 455 degrees Fahrenheit. It includes up to 30 heat settings with the High setting being perfect for thick hair and the Low setting for thinner hair.


  • High-Quality Features

    The Conair Infiniti Pro has features that not only straighten the hair but it also helps the hair’s strength and overall look of the hair. A flat iron should have well-placed features like the Infiniti Pro. It should have features that benefit the hair. To start with, the on and off button is strategically placed out of the way of where you would grip the flat iron. Besides the design feature, the plates are made with tourmaline ceramic. This material helps protect hair against heat damage. The negative ions from the plates are what helps eliminate frizz and create shine. The Infiniti Pro has varying heat levels for specific hair types. Being able to better control the heat levels means that you are avoiding heat damage.

  • Reliable Performance

    This super lightweight Conair Infiniti Pro gives straight, shiny hair after use. The 1” tourmaline ceramic plate works best when pulling the hair out. The anti-frizz protection that the Infiniti Pro provides goes above what is expected at this price point. The Infiniti Pro gives you salon straight hair. The quick warm-up time of this flat iron is unlike many other types. The Infiniti Pro heats up in 15 seconds and reaches its highest temperature of 455 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Smart Design

    The Conair Infiniti Pro has a sleek design that works in your favor. To start, the floating plates are extra-long. With longer plates, you can gather your hair in larger sections which speed up the styling time. Conair Infiniti Pro has a floating plate design that will assist in even heat distribution. With evenly distributed heat, the flat iron can give you shinier and straight hair. With its smart plates, the Infiniti Pro gives you a lot for its price point. Finding a flat iron with floating tourmaline ceramic plates that gives shine and prevents heat damage is exactly what Conair gives you.


  • Heat Damage Prevention

    The Conair Infiniti Pro works well especially compared to other flat irons within its price point. Being able to go as high as 455 degrees Fahrenheit, there is always the risk of your hair being damaged. Conair has set up preventative measures against this with their suggested heat spray. The heat settings need to be better clarified with easy to read settings. Being better able to see your temperature is the start of preventing heat damage. While Infiniti Pro has a very high heat setting, the lowest setting is best for fine hair. The lowest setting may not straighten as well which may mean increasing the heat and potentially risking heat damage. The best way to prevent heat damage while using the Infiniti Pro is to test the flat iron on a small section of hair first. By doing this, you can better gauge the use and see what setting works best for your hair type. There are many aspects to consider when choosing a flat iron for fine hair. For more detail, see our guide!

Wrap Up

The Conair Infiniti Pro’s features deliver reliable performance. The automatic shut off safety feature will also conserve energy. With a 15 second heat up time, it won’t take long for the Infiniti Pro to be ready for use. There are many flat irons on the market, so to have a flat iron that can give a little more than just straighten the hair is something that will stand out. The Infiniti Pro has a tourmaline ceramic technology that reduces frizz. The Conair Infiniti Pro is affordable and can be a great addition to your hair care collection.