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Hot Tools Tourmaline Tools 2000 Review – Ionic Dryer


Hot-Tools-Tourmaline-Tools-2000-Turbo-Ionic®-DryerMost compact hairdryers have low drying and heating elements. This can be annoying since we all want our compact dryers to effectively style our hair when we’re on the go. Compact hairdryers should have reliable motors and a sturdy build so that you can easily take them anywhere you go.

We surveyed the market to figure out which compact hairdryer is the best. In terms of compatibility and performance, the Hot Tools Professional Tourmaline Tools 2000 Turbo Ionic Dryer outperformed all other products. It’s specifically designed to suit all hair types and is perfect for traveling.
Here’s what we love the most about the Hot Tools Turbo Ionic Dryer!

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  • Travel-Friendly

    This hair dryer is incredibly lightweight and compact. It weighs around 1.3 lbs, so it can easily fit into your backpack and can be carried around without weighing it down.

  • Powerful Blower

    The device comes with a European style powerful motor of 1,875 watts. This compact hair dryer comes with a powerful motor fitted in which makes it one of the best travel hair dryers. This motor directs a steady airflow for perfectly dried and styled hair!

  • Great for All Hair Types

    This Hot Tools hair dryer is ideal for all types of hair. It has multiple heat and speed options that suit fine strands as well as thick locks.

  • Sleek Design

    Another reason to love this hair dryer is its sleek and smart design. It has a stylish look so you can take it out anywhere you go or place it proudly on your salon counter! It also has a smooth grip for comfortable use.

  • Frizz Reducing Technology

    The direct Ion Technology helps to smooth out your hair cuticles and give them a smoother, shinier, and frizz-free look.

  • Multiple Heat and Speed Settings

    This hair dryer comes with six heat and speed options. Its fan operates on low and high speeds, while the temperatures range from 85 — 179 degrees. There’s also a cool air shot button that you can blow on your styled hair to hold them in place!

  • ALCI Plug

    The ALCI plug fitted in this hair dryer helps to prevent electrical shock and damage in case the motor comes in contact with water.

  • Fast Drying

    The powerful motor used by Hot Tools in this product dries up your hair in half of the time that usual, full-sized hair dryer takes!

  • Perfect Attachments

    This product comes with a finger diffuser, a concentrator, and a straightening comb that caters to different hairstyling needs. The diffuser can be used to get a voluminous and bouncy mane, while the straightening comb helps with sleek blowouts. Its concentrator is extra narrow to give a precise and concentrated airflow.

  • Long Cord

    This device also comes with an 8 ft. long cord that allows you to move around easily without pulling the plug from its socket.

Check The Price on Amazon!


  • A Little Noisy

    This Hot Tools hair dryer is a bit noisy because of the extremely powerful motor. On low speed, it produces a sound of 76.2 decibels, while the high-speed produces 83.2 decibels of noise. If you find the high-speed of this dryer too noisy for you, we recommended using the low-speed option.

  • Heat Damage

    This hair dryer produces infrared heat waves that break down water droplets to form water vapors. That way, it’s easy to dry hair quickly. But for some hair types, this heat can cause damage. Luckily, using this product at a low heat settings or applying a heat protectant to your hair can prevent heat damage.

  • Using the End Cap

    The removable end cap on the rear end of this hairdryer can be difficult to use. However, once you get used to the dryer, removing and placing this cap will no longer be a problem!

  • The Switches

    The heat and speed switches on this dryer are placed where you normally hold the dryer. This can cause you to change the function settings accidentally. But, not to worry! You can slightly readjust your grip on the dryer to avoid pressing these switches by accident.

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To sum up, the Hot Tools Professional Tourmaline Tools 2000 Turbo Ionic Dryer is one of our strongest recommendations to both beginners and professionals. It’s one of the best compact hairdryers that you can get your hands on, without making a hefty investment!

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