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Hot Tools Professional Deep Waver Review – Ceramic + Tourmaline


Hot-Tools-Professional-Ceramic-+-Tourmaline-Deep-WaverHairstyling trends these days are more towards deep, voluminous waves. They bring out elegance in your everyday look and help you stand out at formal events! However, you cannot get perfect beachy or S-shaped waves with hair straighteners or hairdryers because they hardly give us the desired results.
To get the perfect waves in your hair, you need a quality waver. We tested different wavers to find out which one had the best results. The Hot Tools Professional Ceramic + Tourmaline Deep Waver outshines all other wavers with its mind-blowing performance!
Here’s why we love this Hot Tools device!

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  • Beautiful Waves

    The Hot Tools Professional Ceramic Deep Waver is one of the best wavers out there. Most wavers and curling wands have shallow and thin barrels, which means that your waves won’t be voluminous or soft. Using a curling wand will only give you limp, messy waves that won’t last long enough.
    This device from Hot Tools has deep-set barrels that give elaborate and well-defined S-shape waves that last all day long. So, you can get professionally styled waves at the comfort of your home!

  • Best for Fine Hair

    Using hair curlers on fine hair is undoubtedly risky. Often, curling irons and wavers end up being a nightmare for those with fine or weak hair. Hair gets snagged or yanked right from the roots.
    Unlike conventional curling wands or flat irons, this waver is extremely careful with styling fine hair strands. You don’t have to pull or twist your hair. Just hold a section of hair between the barrels for a couple of seconds and work your way down to get the desired texture.

  • Easy to Use

    You can use this tool with a lot of confidence and comfort. There’s really no way you can mess up your waves because the styling techniques of this product are simple and straightforward. Whether you begin styling from the roots or just style the lower ends of your hair, you’ll easily be able to get the results you want.
    You can also adjust the temperature to suit your hair type. It offers a maximum temperature of 400°F, which works well on coarse, stubborn hair to give them a beautiful appearance. You can style close waves or bouncy, loose waves with the same precision. It’s all up to your imagination!

  • Travel-Friendly

    This waver from Hot Tools is one of the most compact and lightweight products available. Its dimensions are 14.1 x 3 x 4.2 inches, and it weighs around 1.58 lbs, so it can fit comfortably in your backpack or suitcase. An 8 ft. long swivel cord allows smooth movement and styling. This makes the Hot Tools Ceramic Waver your perfect travel buddy!

  • Anti-Frizz Technology

    The deep-set barrels of this waver also tame down frizzy hair and gives your waves a smooth, static-free, and shiny look.

  • Affordable Investment

    This waver is definitely an affordable investment for those stylists who cannot burden their wallet with a hefty investment. It offers excellent performance to both professional hairstylists and domestic users!

Check The Price on Amazon!


  • Hair Damage

    Despite its ceramic and tourmaline coating, some people have reported that their hair sometimes gives an awful burning smell after styling. If you fear that this waver might damage your weak hair, we recommend you use a heat protectant spray on your hair before styling. This way you can easily minimize the possible chances of hair damage!

  • No Heat Protection

    Since there’s no protective layer on the barrels, you’ll find it difficult to handle the waver while the barrels are still hot. There are chances that you might burn your neck or fingers while styling your hair. We suggest you use heat resistant gloves and a towel on your neck to avoid any harm.


So far, the Hot Tools Professional Ceramic + Tourmaline Deep Waver has been our favorite waver because of its flawless results! You can get professionally styled waves by using this low budget waver and flaunt them all day long. It doesn’t matter if your hair is thin, this ceramic and tourmaline deep waver will always ensure its best performance.

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