Hot Tools Ionic Tourmaline Hot Brush Review – 1.5 Inch

Are you looking for a way to dry and style your hair quickly? Well, then this heated hair brush from Hot Tools should do the trick nicely for you. It will help you rapidly add volume, body, and fullness to your hair as you style and dry it at the same time. You simply can’t beat a product that helps you get ready faster but still, leaves you feeling good and confident about the look you have created with your hair.

Quick Overview of Hot Tools Ionic Tourmaline Hot Brush

Here is a quick look at both the good and bad characteristics of this model hot hair brush:


  • Combines both far-infrared heat and negative ION technology
  • Dual voltage (115v, 230v) capable so perfect for travel
  • Comfortable ergonomic design with rubberized handle
  • Tip never gets hot during use
  • Control dial to set the heat where you like it

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  • Does not have an automatic shut-off
  • There is no heated air flow with this device

Hot Tools Ionic Tourmaline Hot Brush’s Key Characteristics

This hot hair brush is very well-designed. It has such outstanding features as a soft touch handle, separate on/off switch and thermal glide brush bristles.

The control that you have over the heating function on this hot hair brush is very handy. Instead of a multi-position heat setting switch, it actually has a dial that lets you set the heat any temperature you want it up to 430 degrees. Even though its pulse heating technology generates a very consistent heat the tip of this hot hair brush still stays cool for safety too.

The thinner barrel styling brush is great to have too. Since its barrel is only 1 ¼” thick, you can easily wrap any length of hair around it and style and dry it at the same time. It is one of the few simultaneous styling and drying devices that even work great on very short hair.

Another nice feature this hot hair brush has is its lengthy power cord. It is a full 8 feet in length so you can move freely with it as you move around and look into the mirror. Not only is it long but the cord also has a nice swivel end on it so it does not get tugged on continuously as you move around.

The Best Feature of Hot Tools Ionic Tourmaline Hot Brush

We love the way you can take this dual voltage model hot hair brush with you when you travel anywhere in the world. America is just about the only country that uses 115v electricity as its main household electrical current. Because this hair drying and styling product also can be used on 230v electrical circuits, it’s not a problem to take this hot hair brush with you and use it in Europe, Asia or elsewhere in the world when you travel.

So if you are an international traveler for business or pleasure, then this hair drying and styling tool will be the perfect traveling companion for you. No longer do you need one hair dryer and styler to use when you are in America and a separate hair dryer and styler for when you go to Europe.

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Areas That Could Use Improvement with Hot Tools Ionic Tourmaline Hot Brush

There is no such thing as a perfect combination drying and hair styling product and this hot hair brush is no exception. For one, this product from Hot Tools does not have an automatic shutoff. This is something that we feel the company needs to work on in the future.

Another concern we have with this hair styling and drying tool is that it does not use forced heated air to help with the hair drying process. That is because the barrel of this hot brush heats up itself. We feel that there are times, especially if you have very long hair, where having a forced air feature in your hot hair brush can really speed up the hair drying process.

Review Summary

Hot Tools Ionic Tourmaline Hot Brush is designed by a company that specializes mainly in products that dry and style hair. So you know there is much experience that goes into each product like this that they make. If you are one of those individuals that do not like trying to style your hair while it’s blowing around then this hot hair brush was made for you. It is definitely worth a closer look if you are in the market to buy a hot styling brush that will also help dry your hair.

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