GVP Flat Iron Reviews – (Top Picks & Pros / Cons 2019)

The GVP stands for Generic Value Products, but don’t let thegvp flat iron reviews moniker fool you. These flat irons do an outstanding job on a variety of hair types at half the price of some of their competitors. You can find GVP products at famous beauty stores around the world, but they are also available for purchase online. They offer all of the latest technologies, outstanding styling power, and even aesthetic appeal. The GVP flat iron reviews below cover three of the company’s most popular products, each of which offers a little something different. Don’t spend more than necessary. Choose GVP.

  • 4.9 Customer Rating
  • GVP ceramic iron
  • PRICE $$
  • Plate Material : Ceramic Curved edge plate design
  • Plate Width : 1 inch
  • Maximum Heat : 420°F
  • 4.3 Customer Rating
  • GVP Digital Ceramic Flat Iron
  • PRICE $
  • Plate Material : Ceramic Plates
  • Plate Width : 1 inch
  • Maximum Heat : 450°F
  • 4.7 Customer Rating
  • GVP Black Ceramic Flat Iron
  • PRICE $
  • Plate Material : Ceramic Plates
  • Plate Width : 1.5 inch
  • Maximum Heat : 420°F
  • 4.0 Customer Rating
  • GVP Mini Travel Flat Iron
  • PRICE $
  • Plate Material : Ceramic Plates
  • Plate Width : 1.5 inch
  • Maximum Heat : 420°F

Top-Rated GVP Hair Straighteners

1. GVP ceramic iron

If you’re like us and hate waiting so long for your iron to heat up, then the GVP ceramic iron is just the thing for you. With its plates heating up in just 50 seconds you will be ready to start styling as soon as you plug it in. Traveling with this iron is easy because you don’t have to buy an adapter. Its dual voltage of 110-240v ensures that you don’t leave it behind.

The temperature range of this flat iron makes it suitable for all hair types from the coarse and thick hair to fine hair. The temperature adjustment knob is on the handle. The ceramic technology allows the plates to heat evenly giving you uniformly straightened hair. This reduces the number of passes you make. If you have frizzy hair, you might want to consider this flat iron since negative ions emitted by this ceramic plates fight humidity reducing frizz.

Doing your hair out of the bathroom means inputs are not strategically placed towards your task. You need not worry about that with the GVP iron since it has a nine-foot swivel cord that lets you even style at angles.

While using higher temperatures, the handle may become slightly hot after prolonged use .the iron comes with an automatic shut-off after 60 minutes, and you don’t have to keep waiting for it to reheat with heat recovery time of 30 seconds.

The GVP ceramic iron may be a mid-level straightener, but it can easily compete with high-end flat irons.

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2. GVP Digital Ceramic Flat Iron

Plenty of Heat, Plenty of Control

The GVP Digital Ceramic Flat Iron gives you all of the amazing features you would find in a salon for less. The 1″ plates provide a lot of control for short, fine, thick, or long hair. A wide variety of heat settings allows you to customize your experience completely, and you will never have to guess when it comes to temperature thanks to the well-lit digital display. It is one of the most popular straighteners in the line because it offers you all of the features of flat irons costing $200 or more with a price tag that is less than half of that.

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  • There are 29 different adjustable temperature settings, and the temperature displays on the digital screen.
  • The minimum heat setting is 160 degrees Fahrenheit; the maximum is 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The 9′ swivel cord gives you plenty of room to move around.
  • The flat iron automatically shuts itself off after 60 minutes, giving you added safety.
  • It has 100% ceramic curved-edge plates.


  • The wide range of heat settings makes this the perfect iron for just about any hair type, whether you have fine hair that burns easily or coarse hair that is hard to style.
  • The digital display makes it easier than ever to know precisely when your flat iron is up to your desired temperature.
  • The 100% ceramic plates heat quickly and evenly, and they recover heat quickly after each pass.
  • The curved edge plates allow you to create virtually any style imaginable, whether you want stick-straight hair, curls, waves, or even spiraled ringlets.


  • The 1″ design means that people with longer, thicker hair need to spend more time styling than those with shorter, thinner hair.
  • The handle is longer than some other iron brands, making it a little difficult to get the right amount of control.

While this particular flat iron does pose a couple of problems for some users, it is by far the most versatile straightener offered by GVP. The temperature range suits almost anyone and the unique rounded plates make styling fun and simple. With just a few minutes and a bit of practice, you can recreate styles you see on TV or in magazines. This iron may very well replace anything else you have in your collection – including your curling iron.


3. GVP Black Ceramic Flat Iron

Best for Normal Hair Types

The 1 ½” black ceramic flat iron from GVP is perfect for women who have black hair or long & thick hair since the wide plates allow more straightening power with every pass. However, because this iron has a high minimum temperature when compared to other irons, it may not work as well with all hair types. It offers ceramic ion technology for healthy-looking, touchable styles. It is durable in nature, but it does not offer much in terms of aesthetic appeal. If you want a simple iron that gets the job done, then the GVP black ceramic 1 ½” iron is a great choice. Simple style for a simple price.

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  • Set your temperature with indicator lights inside the straightener.
  • Several temperature settings top out at 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The wide plates with curved ends provide powerful styling for thick, hard-to-manage hair.
  • The iron uses ceramic ion technology for healthy-looking hair.
  • A 9′ swivel cord provides versatility and ease of use.


  • Temperatures top out at 450 degrees, giving you plenty of heat for the coarsest, thickest hair.
  • The plates with curved ends make it easy to create curls and waves as well as straight styles.
  • It is made of salon-quality materials for durability and longevity.
  • Indicator lights inside of the straightener make it easy for you to determine the iron’s temperature.
  • The extra-long swivel cord prevents tangles and allows you to move around freely as you style.
  • This iron heats instantly and recovers quickly.


  • Handle gets hot at higher heat settings. Users recommend heat protective gloves for this.
  • Lowest temperature setting of 300 degrees Fahrenheit may burn very fine hair.
  • Very little aesthetic appeal.

Although the GVP black ceramic 1 ½” flat iron is definitely on the plain side in terms of aesthetic appeal and features, it does everything you would expect from a salon-quality model at just a fraction of the price. It feels durable in your hand, and it heats up to a temperature that is sufficient for even the most hard-to-manage hair. However, if you have very fine hair, you may want to consider other options. This flat iron may get too hot and burn your hair.

4. GVP Mini Travel Flat Iron

Big Style in a Small Package

For the woman who is always on the go, there is nothing better than a portable flat iron. The GVP mini travel is one of the most popular choices out there because it is durable and affordable. It truly is compact, so it fits nicely into your purse or pocket. While many mini straighteners are too tiny to do much real styling, the GVP mini travel is different. You can use it at home or on the go, and it is almost as powerful as its full-sized counterparts are. It’s a lot of power in a very small package.

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  • The small, compact design makes it easy to fit this straightening iron into your purse, pocket, or glove box.
  • The 1″ plates style just like your full-size irons.
  • It comes with a 6.5″ swivel cord for ease-of-use.
  • The plates heat independently of each other, and they have beveled edges for incredible styling power.
  • Top heat of 420 degrees Fahrenheit – almost 20 degrees hotter than other mini straighteners.


  • A thermal storage pouch allows you to put the iron inside, cinch it up, and put it in a purse or pocket without fear of burns.
  • You can create waves, curls, and straight styles with the beveled edges.
  • The 6.5′ swivel cord makes it easy to use the straightener in awkward places.
  • The floating plates automatically adjust themselves to form a tight seal with the hair, providing more power with every single pass.


  • The handle on the flat iron is very, very small. As such, many users recommend a heat glove to prevent burns.
  • The heat is not adjustable, so it is not for very fine hair that burns easily. it’s perfect for black hair. Check out to learn what to look for when buying a flat iron for black hair.
  • Some users note that the 1″ plates are too wide for a mini straightener; it lacks a little precision.

While the GVP mini travel iron provides tons of heat, it is best for women who have hair that does not tend to burn easily. It does get hot, but you can counter this with a heat protective glove. You will especially love the thermal pouch that allows you to toss the iron into your purse without melting your makeup, and the ability to style your hair with something so small makes it one of the most versatile products on the market today.

Overall GVP Flat Irons Review

If you are someone who is always shopping around for real bargains, you’ll want to take a minute to consider a good deal in a flat iron. While the Chi flat iron is considered to be amongst the world’s best as far as quality, the generic version of the Chi may be an even better option for you. The GVP flat iron is about half the cost of its more expensive cousin, but because it doesn’t carry the name brand, will allow you to keep a lot more money in your pocket to spend on other things.

Generic names are considered to be “almost like” the most famous name that it copies. The GVP is a copy of the Chi but goes a step or two beyond in design. One reviewer has a friend who owns the more expensive Chi, so they invited this friend over to take a test run of the GVP and make a comparison. The friend agreed and found that the GVP flat iron is almost identical in operation and quality to her favorite styling tool. It’s no small feat.

The GVP version also uses Far Infrared ceramic plates that can withstand a high amount of heat. These plates also evenly distribute that heat over the entire section of hair, which means there are no frizzy spots left behind. The ceramic technology in the GVP also uses negative ions that lock in moisture and hair color, while repelling humidity. While the Chi fan still recommends going with her favorite brand if you can afford it, she was very impressed by a couple of design features that her flat iron doesn’t have. Features like rubber gloves built into the handle that helps prevent your hands from getting burned.

However, on every other aspect, this GVP iron is going to give you beautifully straight hair that looks like a professional salon stylist did it for you. As long as you don’t mind owning a brand that isn’t instantly recognizable, you’ll get great results with this flat iron.

Benefits of Having a GVP Flat Iron

  • Provides the world-class styling tools at affordable pricing structure and offers the advantage of all the advanced features to ensure that quality results are attained with perfection.
  • It offers the advantage of the best quality ceramic technology to ensure frizz is controlled sufficiently.
  • Advanced features are offered at a minimal rate to ensure salon- like results are enjoyed by the clients globally.
  • Provision of all the safety features that allow the customers and users to have the greatest stability while styling their hair.
  • The curved edges aid to twist, curl, flip or straighten the hair with incredible accuracy.
  • It provides the ultra-stylish and smooth hair with incredible perfection as the individuals with varied hair textures can employ it to have super stylish hair.
  • The GVP flat irons are considered as the premium quality styling tools that are available with the possible pricing formation. In fact, it will not be incorrect to say that they are available at a half the cost of the contemporary leading ones in the global marketplace, and still these flat irons offer all the exceptional characteristics and the best quality achievement.
  • It offers the best quality flat irons that come equipped with all the advanced traits and thus, ensures that the clients enjoy the incredible styling of hair with adept expertise.
  • It is high in quality, performance and economical regarding cost. Moreover, you can acquire the GVP brand of flat irons from the leading online shopping sites, and you can also enjoy the privilege of free shipping.
  • Make use of the ceramic technology that enables to control the fuzzy and frizzy hair and give them stylish appearances with professional ability. If you have kinky hair that is unmanageable, then utilizing the GVP flat iron would prove to be extremely efficient in styling your hair with maximum precision.
  • It provides all the safety features that facilitate the users to have stylized hair with complete perfection and that too with the equipment of all the protection characteristics. So, it would encourage the users to make the optimal utilization of their GVP flat iron and make stylized hair.
  • It provides settings of heat for any hair thickness, any hair type and pretty yet particular hair for individuals of color. Thick hair can be difficult to style, and light hair can burn very easily, but the range of heat settings gives choices making this iron perfect for all hair types.
  • The curved end plates are entirely ceramic, which provides an end upon designing trendy and stylish hair from board level, ringlet spirals, waves, curls, and flipped under or flipped up ends.
  • The unit recovers immediately after each pass through the hair making this one of the most popular straighteners in the market.
  • Styling with the rounded plates creates enjoyable and simple moments in front of the mirror. For a polished professional look, men can use this at work.
  • With the powerful styling ability and latest technology with appealing appearances, this unit is on demand. It will leave no creases or marks in the hair and it outshines its competitor’s products bar-none.

Drawbacks of Having a GVP Flat Iron

  • Individuals with thicker, longer hair need to use more time styling than those with thinner, shorter hair.
  • The handle is longer than other iron makes, making it a little difficult to get the right amount of control.
  • With repeated use, hair can get brittle, dry and damaged. It can lose shine and look unhealthy and dull.
  • Regular use will form split ends.
  • The best models are sensitive to hair, but they are also expensive.
  • People with extremely curly and thick hair may encounter more damage to their hair because it takes much to straighten it.
  • The look is temporary. You lose your look if you get caught in a brief rain shower or go for a walk on a humid day. Once you wash your hair, you will have to begin to style up your hair a fresh. You may wish to employ an iron with larger plates if your hair is extremely thick. However, bigger plates make for a more challenging and much heavier to use iron.


GVP Hair Straighteners Comparison Chart

PRODUCTPRICEPlate MaterialPlate WidthMaximum Heat
GVP ceramic iron
$$Ceramic Curved edge plate design1 inch420°F
GVP Digital Ceramic Flat Iron
$Ceramic Plates1 inch450°F
GVP Black Ceramic Flat Iron$Ceramic Plate1.5 Inch420°F
GVP Mini Travel Flat Iron
$Ceramic Plate1.5 Inch420°F

Bottom line

Overall, these GVP flat iron reviews are positive in nature, but it is important to understand the differences between them before you make your purchasing decision. The mini version gives you plenty of opportunities to style on the go, but its high heat setting makes it too hot for fine hair. If you want versatility and a product that fits any hair type, the GVP digital flat iron is the right option. Its heat settings are wider and it gives you more control.

Finally, the black ceramic flat iron is simple in design, but its wide plates are perfect for women who have very long or thick hair since it provides more styling power with every pass. These products and more from GVP are all available from Amazon.

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