GHD Flat Iron Reviews – (Top Picks & Pros / Cons 2019)

ghd flat iron reviews With their motto being “good hair, every day”, you can easily imagine what GHD products strive to do for you. Their high-end hair products are highly sought after and used in salons, which makes them a natural choice among women shopping online for their own flat irons.

Don’t you want the ease of creating salon-quality looks in your own home? It would look like you had the time and money to have it professionally done every single day.

Your friends will wonder how you do it, but you’ll know the secret is really GHD! Below you will find the best GHD flat iron reviews by Beautilab!

  • 4.9 Customer Rating
  • GHD V Professional Hair Straightener
  • PRICE $$$
  • Plate Material : Ceramic Plate
  • Plate Width : 1 inch
  • 4.4 Customer Rating
  • GHD Professional Flat Iron
  • PRICE $$$
  • Plate Material : Ceramic Plate
  • Plate Width : 1 inch
  • 4.1 Customer Rating
  • GHD Classic Flat Iron
  • PRICE $$$
  • Plate Material : Ceramic Plate
  • Plate Width : 1 inch

Best GHD Flat Iron Reviews

1. GHD V Professional Hair Straightener

GHD V Professional Hair Straightener

Part of the GHD Bird of Paradise collection, this 1-inch straightener comes in a deep blue, turquoise, and green color designed in an ombre style that just begs you to think of warm exotic places.

The black plates use ceramic heat for extra shine.

And the rounded barrels mean easy transitioning between pin-straight locks, loose waves, and full curls.


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  • Perhaps one of the unique features of this flat iron is the heat resistant mat that is included. It rolls up like a little yoga mat for your hair straightener. It’s not just the cutest but the most thoughtful feature with any hair tool. It will protect your countertops and guarantee that you never accidentally leave a burn mark on them.
  • The automatic sleep mode after 30 minutes gives peace of mind.
  • The flat iron has universal voltage, so go ahead and take it with you to those tropical locales. Or, at the very least, turn up the island music and pretend you did!
  • Salon style 9-foot swivel cord.
  • 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.
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Pros & Cons:

  • This is the priciest of the GHD hair straighteners in the top three, but good things are definitely worth saving for.
  • Many GHD products feature only one temperature. If varied heat settings are a must for you, you might want to check out other similar products by this company.
  • This hair straightener has one of the biggest “wow” factors of all the flat irons out there.

Who doesn’t love the words “limited edition”? By their very nature, they imply that you can own something that other people can’t. So why should that not apply to your hair?

If you’re going to splurge, splurge on the very best. Better yet, with its beautiful gift box and cute little roll-up mat, purchase one for a friend and look like the most generous friend ever!

2. GHD Professional Flat Iron

This ceramic flat iron is your one-stop shop for perfect style and an expertly-made product.

GHD does not mess around. The contoured, smooth black plates with just a light sparkle added to them will always leave your hair silky and shiny, will never burn a single strand, and will always feel gentle when you use it.


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  • Heats quickly, to one solid temperature
  • It comes with a super cute fold over pouch that looks like a clutch purse. In fact, you could probably use it as a purse and no one would know!
  • It features a sleek silver color not often seen in flat irons, with black plates.
  • It will always switch to sleep mode after 30 minutes to watch out for your safety.
  • The 9.5-foot swivel cord and universal voltage mean you can take it anywhere. And make sure to bring that fun clutch with you!
  • Two-year warranty with an ability to register on the website.
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Pros & Cons:

  • There is only one temperature and a simple on/off switch. The inability to switch temperatures might be daunting to some, but that just means it is perfectly set for you already.
  • No one will deny that this is on the pricier end of hair straighteners, but it’s a solid investment in beautiful hair.
  • It’s a little on the heavy side at 1.9 pounds, but good hair is worth the “weight”.

If you want the best of the best, then look no further. This GHD takes all the guesswork out of straightening and curling hair with its single heat setting and perfect craftsmanship.

If you are looking to play around more with temperatures, perhaps another GHD is right for you. But if you want to go straight to the top of the list, then give this one a go and never look back!

3. GHD Classic Flat Iron

Everlasting. Timeless. Classic. These are words almost every woman loves to hear. To accompany these flattering words with a timeless hairstyle, you should try the GHD classic styler.

It is one of the flat irons for everyday use and will create those beautiful looks you want to achieve from day to day.

The advanced ceramic heat technology of the one-inch plates leaves your hair smooth and shiny, and the rounded barrel lets you easily choose between curly, wavy, or straight.

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  • The GHD Classic styler heats up in seconds, but switches to sleep mode after 30 minutes of non-use, a thoughtful safety mechanism for forgetful people.
  • It comes with a small but useful protective pocket for storage that slips over the top portion.
  • It features a 9-foot long swivel cord and universal voltage for easy travel. Just add your adaptor and you can plug it into any outlet in any room.
  • Like you would expect of any classic hair straightener, it has a sleek black handle with gold plates and rounded edges.
  • A one-year warranty is available.
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Pros & Cons:

  • Beware of fakes. Flat irons are among the list of hot items being counterfeited these days, and GHD is no exception. Invest in the real deal.
  • Though some users in GHD flat iron reviews have commented that the plates can feel on the small side, their smooth and contoured nature means that hair will not snag or burn.

Who wouldn’t want to be like the Audrey Hepburn of their very own group of friends? I know I would! Let’s face it, funky styles are fun to try, but sometimes trends and fads can leave you looking back wondering what you were thinking.

To create beautiful hair that compliments everlasting great style, I recommend you try this straightener.

GHD Straighteners Brand Overview

With famous hairstylists backing the best high-end irons out there, you can be assured this brand is a reliable product maker.

The tools from this brand are used in most salons at one time or another because of the company’s consistency when it comes to both quality and service. The company not only listens to its customers’ opinions but also comes up with improvements on the existing products to ensure everyone is getting a product suited for them.

With these amazing salon quality products, your friends will be wondering how you manage to whip up salon like hairstyles in the comfort of your home. Only you will know the secret, and as they say, sharing is caring so don’t forget to mention where you got the fabulous products.

Let’s talk about how the GHD products are made from quality materials that are handpicked by the company to ensure that you only get the best products. Customers who have used GHD before say they would always come back to the company because of their durability and consistency.You will find that most flat irons from the GHD brand are almost the same with a few tweaks here and there.

Different plate sizes and plate lengths are some of the things to look out for, in terms of differences. The materials the flat iron plates are made from also vary because some are ceramic, titanium or tourmaline.

Tourmaline is a great plate material if you’re looking to give some life back to your hair. Known as earth’s natural healing stone tourmaline always rejuvenates dry, damaged hair. It produces a lot more negative ions that increase the number of natural oils and moisture that is locked in .the negative ions produced by both the ceramic and tourmaline flat irons also decrease frizz. The titanium irons are fast heating and work great for thick hair. The other great thing about GHD flat irons is how they come with natural oils to add shine to your hair. An example of one of the oils found in their exclusive flat irons is argan oil. This oil from Morocco is known as miracle oil because it helps to protect your hair from heat.In addition, it promotes growth and increases shine making your hair look beautiful. The oils heal your scalp and ensure your hair is growing strong from root to tip.

Advantages of GHD Straighteners

  • Ergonomic design.
    Say goodbye to that wrist fatigue that you feel after long periods of styling. The flat irons are designed to spread out the weight of the plates. The handles are slim so that they are easier to hold.Most flat irons are made streamlined for more even straightening.GHD flat irons are designed the same but with curved handles or slimmer to make them more effective without tiring your hand.The curved edges on the flat irons ensure you can also create flips and curls with your flat iron making it multipurpose.
  • Adjustable temperature dial
    Like a lot of heavy hitters in the industry, GHD uses an adjustable heat dial. You can adjust the temperature setting easily. The dials or digital screen will allow you an exact temperature perfect or your hair type. GHD has a large range of temperature settings and can get very hot. For thicker or coarser hair types this is good news. Temperature can increase or decrease the depending on your hair type. Also Check out: hair straighteners for black women
  • Fast heat up time
    The best part of GHD flat irons is how quickly they heat up. You can expect not more than sixty seconds for your iron to heat up. Some take even as little 30 seconds. This will save plenty of time, especially in the morning when you’re getting ready for work or school.
  • Automatic shut off
    This is a feature you will enjoy especially if you’re all about safety. It’s great to know that the tool you’re using won’t burn down your house if you accidentally leave it on.

Disadvantages of GHD Straighteners

  • Plate size
    The GHD irons only have a few small plate size lines. The more common flat irons are a standard 1-inch plate that works for most hair lengths, but smaller plates for finer or shorter hair would be better appreciated. The long-haired ladies are lucky to have long plates that they can easily use to straighten their hair.
  • The temperature levels
    The GHD flat irons are not as suitable for fine haired ladies since their heat settings start mostly from 300 degrees Fahrenheit.If you have very fine hair, we would recommend a different brand that starts their low temperatures from as little as 240f.One user was quoted as saying, the flat irons are great, but I had to return mine for a lower heat setting as it got too hot for my fine hair. We always insist on buying products that not only have good reviews but those that are suitable for your specific hair type.

As A Result

GHD straighteners are the most high-end, classic, and reliable hair products you could buy.

If you want a professional feel, then the question of how large your wallet is becomes the only one to answer because these tools are high quality and you don’t need to doubt their capabilities.

The GHD flat iron is a great investment for coarse hair, but you will need heat protectant mat. Use smaller sections if your hair is thicker so it can get straightened out well. The combination of materials used for making this flat iron ensures quick straightening. This flat iron is great for coarse hair. Even if they are at high prices, you can start small and build to the more exclusive editions.The prices span from moderate to high end.No matter which GHD product you choose to buy remember that the best flat iron is the one that suits you.It doesn’t matter if you choose the most expensive one if you don’t choose one suitable for your type of hair you will end up extremely disappointed.

These products are expertly made and will only lead to exquisite results that will leave you coming back to GHD every time.

GHD Flat Iron Comparison Chart

GHD V Professional Hair Straightener$$$Ceramic Plate 1 inch
GHD Professional Flat Iron
$$$Ceramic Plate 1 inch
GHD Classic Flat Iron
$$$Ceramic Plate 1 inch

Bottom Line

GHD straighteners are of the most expertly crafted, high-end, classic, and reliable hair products you could possibly buy.

If you’re ready to take the leap into full salon-quality styling tool, the question is just how high do you want to go? The sky’s the limit, really.

Even if you started modestly, you would still own the very best of the best that is available anywhere to anyone in the hair care world. We hope you enjoyed BeautiLAb Editors’ GHD flat iron reviews and found it helpful.

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