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Elchim Natures Touch Review – Ceramic & Titanium Oxide Plates


Elchim-Natures-Touch-Flat-IronMade in Italy, the Elchim Natures Touch Flat Iron delivers high temperature quickly, providing a high shine, straight result. The lightweight Elchim has 11 heat settings which mean it works well with many hair types. The Elchim has ceramic and titanium oxide plates and a 360-degree cord that gives several different style options such as curls, beach waves and of course, the straightened look. For salon-like results, the Elchim flat iron gives shine without damaging your beautiful hair.

The Elchim Natures Touch Flat Iron combines smart features, an advance heat setting and gives a high-level performance. Once ready to use the Elchim flat iron, it heats up in only 17 seconds to your selected temperature. Its impressive technology allows users to achieve straight results in only one pass. Ranging in temperature from 203 to 455 degrees, the ceramic and titanium oxide plates can provide shine all while gliding over the hair to give curls, waves or the bone straight look.


  • Smart Features

    The Elchim flat iron has features that are not only beneficial but also safe. The automatic shut off feature makes the Elchim flat iron safer to use. The Elchim will shut off after a certain amount of time when left unused. In addition to the shut off feature, the Elchim flat iron is a safe choice for travelers. There are no limits to where you can take the Elchim since it does have universal voltage from 110 to 240 volts.

  • Advanced Heat Settings

    The Elchim flat iron preserves the hair’s integrity with its adjustable heat settings. With temperatures that range from 203 to 455 degrees, Elchim has various settings to accommodate different hair types. These various heat settings, therefore, prevent the possibility of heat damage. The Elchim has more than just several heat settings, it also has a quick set up time. The HIT or better known as the “high and instant temperature”, saves you time while styling.

  • High-Level Performance

    The Elchim flat iron gives you salon-like results. The ceramic and titanium oxide plates are floating plates. The Elchim’s plates can self-adapt and remain parallel to each other. By being self-adapting, the Elchim flat iron can produce uniform heat. This results in having sleek and smooth hair from these titanium oxide and ceramic plates.


  • Intense Heat

    The Elchim Natures Touch Flat Iron’s heat ranges from 203 to 455 degrees. Being able to reach such a high temperature, you should be cautious when using it. The risk of heat damage to your hair may occur if using the wrong temperature setting on your hair type. Elchim Nature has taken effort to prevent heat damage with its 11 heat settings. Even with preventative measures in place, it is important to monitor the temperature and not assume the highest setting is best. Never forget that you care most about your hair!

  • Too Safe

    The Elchim flat iron has the automatic shut-off feature to prevent overheating and any accidents while using. The automatic shut-off is programmed to kick in when the flat iron has been left on and unused for almost an hour. Reportedly for some, the flat iron hasn’t turned off within that time frame. The Elchim also has a quick heat-up time of about 17 seconds. Having this kind of a feature along with automatic shut-off means that even if the shut-off occurs, you won’t need to wait long for it to heat back up.

Wrap Up

The Elchim Natures Touch Flat Iron is a high performing flat iron for curly hair that can straighten and style your hair. With it’s lightweight and sleek design, the Elchim is easy to maneuver. It has sound safety features such as automatic shut off along with giving a heat protective cap. Elchim provides a lifetime warranty as well as great customer service. From the smart features and advanced heat settings, the Elchim flat iron gives a high-level performance in one pass. The easy to read LED display makes it safer to control and avoid heat damage. The round design of the Elchim helps prevents tangling which makes it easy to curl or straighten.

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