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Conair miniPRO Review – Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer


CONAIR MINIPRO TOURMALINE CERAMIC DRYERHairdryers play an essential part in hairstyling. Whether you want a sleek blowout or a voluminous mane, you should have a hairdryer that you can efficiently work with. However, most people face trouble when it comes to choosing a hairdryer that suits their convenience.
So, to ease out your worry, we reviewed some renowned hairdryers currently available in the market. The Conair miniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer came out on top as one of the best choices in the market today.
This device is a travel-friendly, lightweight, and compact hairdryer with a foldable handle. It has dual heat/speed settings and a 1200 watt powerful motor that helps to dry hair gently and quickly.
Here are some amazing pros of this Conair product.


  1. Travel-Friendly

    This device is an ideal hair dryer for traveling because of its compatibility and lightweight design. Its dimensions are of 3.8 × 6 × 9.9 inches when opened completely, and it weighs around 15.2 lbs. But once you fold the handle, it can easily fit in your backpack or purse without taking up too much space.

  2. Dual Voltage Technology

    Unlike most compact hairdryers, this device is also facilitated with dual voltage technology, so you can also use it on your foreign tours!

  3. Easy to Use

    You won’t face any difficulty using this tool. It’s made with a velvet-soft grip that is easy to handle. Due to its compact size and lightweight build, you can use it easily without paining your wrists. The five feet long cord attached with this hairdryer also makes it easy to use.

  4. Frizz Reducing Technology

    This hair dryer is equipped with tourmaline ceramic technology. It releases natural ions in its airflow to reduce the frizz of your hair while giving them a natural shine.

  5. Concentrator and Diffuser for Better Styling

    This product comes with a nozzle concentrator that can direct a more concentrated and powerful pin-pointed airflow to create sophisticated hairstyles. Or, you can attach the diffuser with your hairdryer for a more subtle airflow!

  6. Powerful Motor

    Considering its size, this tool has a powerful 1200-watt motor that helps to heat the drier quickly and dry your hair in no time!

  7. Light on the Pocket

    One of the best feats about this hair styling tool is that it provides users with so many options at such a low price. The customizability and portability of this hair dryer makes it an affordable investment for beginners.

  8. Heat and Speed Settings

    This hair dryer comes with dual heat and speed settings that are suitable for almost all hair types. Its infrared heat emissions dry and style hair with a lot of care!

  1. Overheats Quickly

    This Conair device uses a highly powered motor to keep up with the performance of bigger hairdryer models. Naturally, this motor heats up too quickly and sometimes may even become overheated. To avoid any sort of electrical or heat-induced harm, we advise you to use this hairdryer at 1-2 minute intervals to avoid overheating.

  2. No Cool Air Shot

    Another thing that we found a bit disappointing about this hairdryer is that it doesn’t have any cool air settings for the airflow. So, if you want to use this dryer on hair that may get damaged easily, we recommend you keep a safe distance between your hair and the hairdryer.

  3. The Cord is Too Long

    Under normal circumstances, the five feet long cord of this device is pretty useful. However, while packing it for travels, it can get a little unmanageable and get tangled in your stuff. To keep the cord safe, we recommend using a pouch to handle take care of the cord. Luckily, this hairdryer also comes with a travel pouch, so handling the dryer’s cord or other attachments isn’t a big deal!


The Conair miniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer is one of the most travel-friendly hairdryers available in the market. Its lightweight and foldable handle along with dual voltage technology, make it your perfect travel partner.
At a reasonable price, this little powerhouse provides an airflow of unmatched speed and precision. The diffuser, concentrator and travel pouch that come along with this hairdryer make it more worth buying.

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