Conair BC178 InfinitiPro Spin Air Rotating Styler Review

If you style your hair enough times a week you will realize that it can be tedious and somewhat tiring work. You have to move your hand in all different directions and contort it into different positions as you style your hair. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a hot air brush that could save you some work here? Well, that is exactly what this hot air brush from Conair does.

With its rotating hairbrush, quick-drying capability and true ionic features it is a hot air brush model that will help you style your hair quickly and easily. It does a nice job of creating volume and giving your hair some nice body to it as you style it also.

Quick Overview of this Hot Air Brush Product

Take a fast look at the good and bad things about this model hot air brush:


  • 2 heat settings and a cool setting
  • 2″ barrel is great for styling longer hair
  • Tangle-free and anti-static brush bristles
  • Brush rotates in both directions
  • Removable filter to protect motor life


  • Airflow is a little bit light
  • Thick brush diameter slightly inhibits curling on some users hair

This Hot Air Brush Models Key Characteristics

You get a lot of versatility with this model hair styling tool. It starts with two different heat settings and a cool setting so you can dry your hair at the speed that suits you best. The two-inch brush barrel nicely grabs your hair without tangling it so you can get just the right amount of volume or curl as you style your hair with it.

The ionic technology it has built into it shortens the drying time for your hair and helps eliminate the static as you use this product too. The ceramic generated heat tends to be easier on your hair also.
One of the more innovative features that this hot hair brush model has is its removable filter that protects the motor. Most motor filters on hair drying products eventually become clogged with lint so it makes the motor run hotter and shorten its useful life. That is not a problem with this model hot air brush because the filter can be taken out and cleaned to prevent motor overheating.

The Best Feature of This Hot Air Brush Model

This hot air brush actually can be made to spin in both directions. Because of that, it will eliminate a lot of the motions you normally do with your hand as you style your hair. That alone will make styling your hair take so much less effort. That makes it an especially great product for those with arthritic hands or those who suffer from ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome.

It is a hair styling tool that can definitely make the task of styling your hair go quicker and easier. The spinning brush feature can also be turned off when you don’t feel you need it and it can also be used in conjunction with the hair drying features on this handy hair styling toll too.

Areas That Could Use Improvement with This Product

Overall we were really impressed with how well this hot air brush worked but it was not perfect either. We definitely thought the airflow was a little to the weak side and could use some improvement in this area. Because of that, we recommend you dry your hair thoroughly with a towel before using this hot air brush if you want faster hair drying results.

In reports from users, we also noticed that the 2-inch thick barrel design did not satisfy all users either. On some types of hair, it seemed to make curling the hair more difficult. If Conair made this hair styling tool with some smaller brush size options that would be great.

Review Summary

We really liked this hot air brush for the most part. The Infiniti Pro by Conair Spin Air Rotating Styler and Hot Air Brush will definitely speed up the time it takes you to dry and style your hair each day. Its spinning brush also takes a lot of the effort out of that process. It is easy to operate and its removable lint filter does a great job of protecting the motor and extending this hot air brush’s useful life. We don’t have any problem recommending you try this high quality rotating hot air brush if you like what you read in the review.

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