Most Common Blow-drying Mistakes

Thanks, God! I still have some hair left!!hair dyer mistakes

So, through the process of learning from my mistakes, I have become somewhat of a ‘blowdrying professional’.

I started blow-drying my hair when I was 15 years old.  That was way back in the 1980’s.  It was a fashion to have big fluffy hair.  In fact, the bigger the hair, the better! I remember spraying large amounts of hairspray and then blow-drying the sides of my hair so they would literally stick to my head.  The rest of my hair would be puffed up as far as I could get it to go.  In those days we probably were the main contributor to the problem with the ozone layer.

The things we did to our hair would make today’s hairdressers cringe.  We overheated, overprocessed and used massive amounts of hairspray on a daily basis.  Thank goodness times have changed and so has the way we treat our hair.  Styles have become tuned to the natural look and the products we use nowadays like, hair products, blow dryers, and curling irons are much better quality than they used to be.  There is also a much wider variety.

I have been blowdrying my hair on daily basis for many years.  I have found that if the following six mistakes can be avoided, you can have a blowdry that looks just as good as if you stepped out of a salon.


Mistake #1-If we don’t use some sort of heat protection, it can cause our hair to become dry with split ends.  We should use some sort of heat protection spray or serum on our hair before we begin blow-drying.  It should be sprayed on the hair or rubbed in evenly.  This prepares us for the blowdry.Most Common Blowdrying Mistakes

Mistake #2-A common mistake when blow-drying our hair is starting to dry it while it is too wet.  It takes much more time to dry the hair which causes overprocessing and significant damage.  Moving the dryer around your hair for a few minutes helps get your hair ready for drying.  Make sure to comb out the tangles carefully before beginning the blowdry.

Mistake #2-Another common mistake is blow-drying our hair all at once.  The hair dry unevenly.  After finishing blow-drying your hair, it makes look great, but if the roots or other parts are still wet or even damp, it will dry unevenly and ruin the style.  You should section off your hair into pieces and dry them one at a time.

Mistake #3-Holding the brush and dryer at the wrong angle can cause the blow-drying process to take much more time than needed.  This also can cause damage to the hair.  After sectioning off your hair into pieces you should hold the blow dryer about 24 cm from your hair and dry from the roots to the ends.  Each section should be completely dry before starting the next section.

Mistake #4- Metal brushes are the enemy.  The heat from the blowdryer also heats the metal brush and this amount of extreme heat causes instant damage to the hair.  We should use boar bristle brushes because they grab the sectioned off hair evenly and give a gentle pull making it easier to dry.  They also make it possible to avoid overheating our hair.

Mistake #5-Overlooking the “duck bill” is a big mistake.  The “duck bill” may look like it isn’t  necessary, but this attachment helps keep the flow of air coming from the blowdryer directed to the piece of sectioned off hair.  Without it, the air blows everywhere and it is almost impossible to keep the sectioned off hair on the brush.  It causes the hair to tangle.  This is another situation where the hair becomes damaged.

Mistake #6-Blowdrying curly or wavy hair without a diffuser is a big mistake.  A diffuser helps distribute the air evenly.  This prevents the hair from becoming frizzy and overworked.  It helps keep your ringlets and curls sleek and shiny.

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Mistake #7-Not using a finishing product is a mistake a lot of people make.  After a nice blow-dry, there will still be a few fly away hairs.  Finishing products help put things into place and give a nice shine to the hair.

I learned the hard way to blowdry my hair.   I sure hope you learned something from these simple, six mistakes.  I wish I had taken the time to learn from somebody’s else.  I went through years of looking like a drag queen from the disco’s all the way to Albert Einstein.  I think I have finally mastered the “blowdry”.  I sure hope it’s a lot easier for you than it was for me.  Avoiding these simple mistakes can give you those shiny ringlets or straight sleek hair that all the stars in Hollywood are flaunting.  Be good to your hair.  It deserves it!

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