10 Best Flat Irons – (Reviews & Styling / Buying Guide 2018)

Best Flat Iron ReviewsWe’ve already found the 10 best flat iron for you. All you need to do is decide on the right hair straightener for your needs!

Women have been searching for ways to straighten their hair for ages.

From the archaic methods of centuries ago to girls using their mothers’ clothing irons in the 1960s to permanent chemical relaxers, women will go to all lengths to achieve that perfect pin-straight look.

The truth is, it doesn’t have to be so hard to achieve the look you want. And it absolutely doesn’t need to leave hair damaged!

Let us know your precious thoughts on the BeautiLab Editors’ best hair straightener reviews in the comment box below, whether you think we’ve missed something or got the order wrong!


Reviews of Best-Selling Hair Straighteners

Please, ladies, stop beating up your hair! These days we are so lucky that we have a plethora of products and tools to choose from. But exactly which is the right hair straightener for you? This simple breakdown takes the guesswork out of it.


  • 4.5 Customer Rating
  • Bio Ionic OnePass Flat Iron
  • PRICE $$$
  • Plate Material : Ceramic plates
  • Plate Width : 1.5 inch
  • Maximum Heat : 400 degrees
  • 4.0 Customer Rating
  • BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Ultra Thin Straightening Iron
  • PRICE $$
  • Plate Material : Nano titanium plates
  • Plate Width : 1 inch
  • Maximum Heat : 450 degrees
  • 4.1 Customer Rating
  • GHD Classic Flat Iron
  • PRICE $$
  • Plate Material : Ceramic plates
  • Plate Width : 1 inch
  • Maximum Heat : Variable heat settings.
  • 4.2 Customer Rating
  • Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth Flat Iron
  • PRICE $$
  • Plate Material : Ceramic plates
  • Plate Width : 1.25 inch
  • Maximum Heat : 410°F
  • 4.3 Customer Rating
  • NuMe Megastar Flat Iron
  • PRICE $$
  • Plate Material : Ceramic plates
  • Plate Width : 1 inch
  • Maximum Heat : 450°F


1 Bio Ionic OnePass Flat Iron

It’s one of the top rated flat irons and for good reason. Can you guess why the OnePass scores major points for time-saving hairstyling? Because it quite literally requires just that – one pass.

Though the Bio Ionic OnePass is on the pricier side of hair straighteners, it is easy to see why it’s worth the extra money.

How awesome is that, to only have to move a flat iron through your hair just once? Imagine all the time and damage you will spare yourself.

Hairstylists of the world, this hair straightener is perfect for you too. You can breeze from client to client, leaving everyone with that happy, healthy glow from the inside out.

Bio Ionic OnePass flat iron takes traditional plates to a whole new level by infusing minerals into them and including a silicone “speed strip”. You can tell just by reading this that hair is left silky smooth and soft.

Rather than collecting a whole bunch of cheaper tools, think of this as an investment in your hair and treating it well.

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2 BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Ultra Thin Straightening Iron

Here is our pick for the very best hair straightener for fine hair!

Don’t let the name “Ultra-Thin” fool you — this flat iron is also made for lots of hair. The impressive 5-inch long plates mean that you can straighten huge sections of hair at once.

This hair straightener is great for saving time on those busy mornings when you’re running late and have to get to school or work, but still, want to look amazing.

So why the thin plates? To make it lightweight and easy to use, which customers in many reviews continue to love, while also getting as close to the roots as possible. The nano titanium plates that emit negative ions at a very high heat.

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3 GHD Classic Flat Iron

Everlasting. Timeless. Classic. When it comes to style, these are words almost every woman would love to be called.

Wouldn’t you love it if your friends thought of you as their very own Audrey Hepburn? To create beautiful hair that compliments the great style, you need this flat iron because it is just that — a classic.

It is one of the good hair straighteners out for everyday use and is your choice for a daily styler even for black hair.

The advanced heating technology leaves your hair smooth and shiny, and the rounded barrel lets you easily choose between curly, wavy, or straight.

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4 GHD Professional Flat Iron

Beautilab-noteIf a little extra cost isn’t an issue for you, we advise you to take a look at “Professional Original”. An absolute professional flat iron you’ll love to get your hands on!

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5 Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth Flat Iron

New - Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth Flat Iron

It feels that Paul Mitchell has been a trusted name in salons forever. Even just looking at the Protools Express flat iron, you know you’re guaranteed salon-quality results. It’s sleek and looks uber professional. So why not create a little of this pro salon-style experience for yourself at home?

The combination of negative ion and far infrared technology heat hair from the inside out to seal the cuticle and reduce frizz and static.

But what’s special about this flat iron is its seemingly magical ability to straighten hair without taking the volume with it.

Straight is one thing, but limp is another. And limp is certainly not what you’ll find with a Paul Mitchell flat iron.

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6 NuMe Megastar Flat Iron

If you like to play with heat, this is the flat iron for you. It varies from a super low 140F all the way up to 450F.

Since scorching strands is always a concern we ladies have, you can give your hair a break by using the lower setting on those occasions when you have more time to play with.

NuMe likes to say that this hair straightener will give off 1000% more negative ions. How can that be? Well, the infrared heat is built as a strip into the plates and comes right into contact with hair like a laser beam of straightening power.

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So we assume you find the one you are looking for. Keep reading, there is a lot to learn.

  • 4.0 Customer Rating
  • FHI Heat Platform Flat Iron
  • PRICE $$$
  • Plate Material : Ceramic plates
  • Plate Width : 1.5 inches
  • Maximum Heat : 450 degrees
  • 4.3 Customer Rating
  • Remington Hair Straightener
  • PRICE $
  • Plate Material : Pearl Plates
  • Plate Width : 2 inch
  • Maximum Heat : 450 degrees
  • 4.4 Customer Rating
  • HSI Salon Model
  • PRICE $
  • Plate Material : Ceramic/tourmaline ion plates
  • Plate Width : 1 inch
  • Maximum Heat : 200 C
  • 4.3 Customer Rating
  • Herstyler Superstyler Flat Iron
  • PRICE $
  • Plate Material : Onyx ceramic plate
  • Plate Width : 1.25 inch
  • Maximum Heat : 500°F


7 FHI Heat Platform Flat Iron

Red Means High Quality

It can get extremely frustrating to compare flat irons across brands, but even more so, it can be tedious to compare irons within the same family of brands.

With FHI, you can choose the size of the plate you want but know that you are getting the same exact hair straightener otherwise.

Regardless of whether you choose the ½-inch for shorter hair or all the way up to the 1 ¾-inch for longer hair, the plates are baked in three layers and infused with tourmaline to seal in moisture but lock out frizz.

Just like the red soles of Louboutin shoes, FHI hair straighteners are known for its red plates.

While you might pay a little more for luxury, it’s so worth it. You can create long, sleek looks or glamorous waves, from a low and slow 140F all the way to quick glide-through at 450F. Just choose your plate size and go for it!

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8 Remington Hair Straightener

Real crushed pearls in your flat iron? Say no more! Yes, you read that right. Real pearls are incorporated into the plates of this hair straightener.

The addition of these pearls makes the ceramic power exponentially stronger (up to 15 times, to be exact).

The plates are smoother than standard ones and up to 85% harder, which makes it extra durable.

So you want to learn how best ceramic flat irons work?

But you’d be pleasantly surprised that to get all this, you don’t have to break the bank. The price is extremely affordable, making it great for students and girls on the go who want to look like a million bucks without spending it.

With most straighteners falling in the 1 to 1.5-inch range, this 2-inch iron is a great find. The wider plates can straighten more hair at once in larger sections. Because of this, top hair straighteners for long hair.

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In the plethora of flat irons out there, it is often noted that this is an excellent hair straightener for thick hair. But, contrary to what you might think, women with naturally straight hair still need a good straightener. They do not want their hair to look limp and lifeless.

This particular hair straightener is good for adding bounce to already straight hair.

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9 HSI Salon Model

Best for the Lowest Price

First are all the bells and whistles; it comes with a satiny pouch for easy travel and protection, a heat glove to protect your hand, and a sample of argan oil as a leave-in hair treatment.

Argan oil is a miracle oil when it comes to taming frizz and treating split ends. Even better than these added bonuses is how this iron actually performs.

Its curved edges are designed also to straighten wavy to curly hair. This means that you can easily transition between your favorite looks. Because of the thin plates, the flat iron also works well on bangs and will never leave you with that dreaded “flat fringe” look.

The dual voltage feature means that you can take your hair straightener with you practically anywhere you go.

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10 Herstyler Superstyler Flat Iron

A simple search of “onyx plates” shows you that Herstyler is the only flat iron using this technology.

The hair straightener itself looks just as sleek as the hairstyle you’ll end up with.

The floating plates glide along your hair using negative ions to reduce frizz and static leaving your hair even silkier than with typical plates.

Do be careful with, but definitely do not fear, the high heat of this hair straightener. It reaches up to 500F, but if you use the included glove and evenly move the iron through each section of hair, you will never smell that dreaded burning odor.

The 1.5-inch plates will help you do this even quicker.

This is a perfect flat iron for women with coarse hair who don’t have a lot of time on their hands but have are quick and steady when styling. Simply put, you know how your hair works, but you just want to get the results faster.

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Top Ten Mistakes You Make With Your Flat Iron

flat-iron-reviewsWe’ve all done it at some point. Busted out the trusty straightener as the cherry on top of our fierce appearance for the brand new day.

When I was in high school, I was one of those girls who just like clockwork, woke up every morning to the daily tackling of my hair for the perfect appearance I so desperately craved, and I made it happen, almost every day for about 4 years.

Yet, with time we all move on to bigger and better things, and what I learned as I got older, was that my self-endowed title of master flat-iron wielder was no more than an illusion and that I, in fact, was causing more damage to my hair than my silly little high school brain could fathom.

So don’t make the same blunders I did every morning, here are ten mistakes that you could be making with your flat iron, and don’t worry, even if you have made these mistakes, they are most certainly not irreparable.

  1. Pull Up! Pull Up!
    I know it is usually morning time when we have to straighten the crown nest but learn to use those strong arms of yours and pull up the iron as you are straightening. Pulling down will result in a flat, boring texture that is just not as lively as when you pull up.
  2. Right Product, Right Portions
    There are some sinister products lurking out there that claim to transform damp hair to dry hair when combined with the flat iron, or that are “heat-activated”. Know your hair and what it needs, and once you chose the appropriate product, don’t overdose your scalp. It needs to breathe! Choose a shampoo that will help you in your quest for smoother hair.
  3. No Parties!
    As you are ironing your hair, it might be tempting to simply straighten out the obvious parts of your hair and be quickly out the door, but this will only result in an uneven iron, not to mention an odd pattern of damage. Do not do a partial iron! Always straighten from root to bottom, no parties! So don’t be so hasty to return that killer dress now.
  4. Avoid that Hot, Hot, Heat
    When choosing the heat setting for your iron, it might be easy to turn it all the way up and call it a day, but this will only make an inferno for your luxurious mane. Choose a medium setting, because choosing a really low one will have you working for a longer amount of time, ironing the same section over and over.
  5. Section It Off!
    As you are ironing your hair, it is a great idea to section of even portions in order to ensure a smooth iron. Trying to straighten a really thick portion of hair followed by a really thin portion will result in hair with imbalanced heating.
  6. Pre-Game It
    Before you begin your ironing journey, remember to treat your hair FIRST. After choosing the appropriate product, apply the appropriate portion to aid your iron as it smoothens out your hair.
  7. Let It Be
    Often times a lot of people forget that their hair needs downtime before keeping up that flawless appearance for the rest of the day. Let your hair set after you are done with the flatiron, and you will be surprised at how much longer it will hold when you pull it up into a ponytail.
  8. Don’t Bite the Hand that Feeds
    If you take care of your flat iron, your flat iron will take care of you. When you go to the store to pick up your hair care products, also pick up some flat iron cleaner. Maintaining a pristine iron will only help you in perfecting that look you love.
  9. Fear the Evil Hiss
    This mistake is one I ashamedly admit to. Always iron DRY hair. You never want to hear your hair sizzle or hiss as you are straightening it. This is a direct indicator of damage being caused and will leave your hair looking not as energetic as you’d hoped.
  10. Don’t Be an Iron-Addict
    This was a hard one for me, especially since I felt the uncontrollable urge to have my hair perfectly straight all day every day, but this will leave your hair without any time to recover and relax. Our hair needs a vacation every so often just like us, and besides, changing your look is always part of the fun of doing hair. Don’t be a Flat Iron-addict!

How to Avoid Damage From Hair Straighteners

One of those On/Off Relationships

Flat irons are our best friend and worst enemy.

We love them, and then sometimes we hate them, and one might ask how can such a vicious cycle even exist, and to those people I say: “You don’t even have hair!”.

For me it all began during my underdeveloped high school days, continually and consistently straightening, up until at some point halfway through my college days, I realized the true nature of how my lack awareness affected my own treasured mane.

Let’s face it; no one is a Greek deity, and flat iron damage happens, but there are methods and steps that we can take in order to avoid this unsavory fate.

Start Straightening in the Shower
It all starts in the shower, and I don’t mean anything along of the lines of an iron joining you as you take your morning scrub.

It begins with choosing the appropriate hair products, and to know what to choose, you must first know what you are and what you want to be.

Knowing your hair, its volume, texture, dryness etc., will all help you in choosing what will most benefit you.

Then, knowing what types of styling you will do afterward, will seal the deal on the final products you do consider.

In our case, choosing a shampoo or conditioner that also incorporates heat protection would most certainly help in avoiding flat iron damage.

The hair care products don’t end there, however. Many beauty brands have created hairsprays that can be applied as a sort of prerequisite to ironing or blow-drying.

The heat guard serums are made with a wide variety of exotic ingredients and technology developed by their respective brands, all to keep your lovely hair looking lively for a long time.

So don’t be shy and build a new hair care product arsenal on that lonely vanity table.

Flat Ironing: A basic task, right? Wrong!

The next item on the knowledge checklist is your iron, and how to use it. Looking at the flat iron, it doesn’t seem like it requires a vast amount of problem-solving skills, and this is true for the most part, but there is absolutely a proper way to flat iron, and studying the right method will save your hair from future damage.

First, set the temperature just right. Too much heat and you are pretty much asking for damage. Too low and you might be standing there for an eternity with the same section of hair in your hands.

After you have finished applying a heat guard, start from the root. Do not attempt to just do the most obvious kinks in your mane and call it a day. Straighten from the root all the way to the ends so that the amount of heat your hair takes is evenly spread. No one wants odd patches of damage about their head.
Take your time
Section your hair into equal portions and try to pull the iron up as you go down the shaft. If you have any products designed for this part of the ironing, it would be a good idea to apply them.

After all, is said and done, you cannot forget about the iron. If you take care of the iron, the iron will take care of you. Know your iron’s proper maintenance, and it will save you grief later on in your hair’s life.

Who am I kidding? Flat irons are great, but nothing beats having healthy looking hair. Arm yourself with the right knowledge, and you will be able to create your perfect, fierce look, every time.

What is the Best Flat Iron Brand?

It is morning time, and today is a day for a look that will crane necks within a 40-foot radius. It is the moment we pull out our trusty flat iron, plug the cord into the wall when suddenly, to our dismay, the old straightener has heated for the last time.

Before you even form the thought in your head, you know it is time for a new straightener, and in today’s world, you’ll sooner find yourself treading through a swirling sea of products before you are able to dive down and pick out the perfect device to match your needs.

Don’t worry; we have the perfect lifeline for top brands of flat irons below to help you sort through vast ocean.

Flat irons come in a variety as vast as the world’s selection of ice creams. Coming in all manner of shapes and sizes, some include extra features, while others incorporate semi-precious gemstones into their designs.

It is easy to become frustrated by the sheer scale of the assortment, but have no fear, below you will find a more manageable list of some of the most professional and innovative beauty brands out there that have been gracing salons across the world.

    • Fahrenheit

      Cortisio has long been a manufacturer beauty products, having a well-developed line designed for at-home and professional use. Recently they have released the Fahrenheit Heat Wave Collection, a set of aesthetically pleasing irons that work to match every versatile lifestyle.

    • Royale

      Royale offers hair styling products with a European twist. Employing what Royale claims as “far-infrared heating elements” and nanotechnology, they provide salons and at-home users with cutting-edge irons, curlers, and dryers that perform outstandingly fast when compared to competitors. This brand also offers a line of matching hair care products to go along with their styling apparatuses.

    • Infiniti Pro Conair

      Conair is a brand name commonly recognized, that being due to its many long years not only in the beauty industry, but also in the bath, home, and even travel markets.

      The Infiniti Pro Conair line offers professional grade products with years of design expertise dating back to 1959. This line has a particular emphasis on styling apparatuses that include dryers, straighteners, irons, curlers, hot rollers, crimpers, wavers and of course hair brushes.

    • Cortex

      This particular brand of products has a distinction in the ceramic technology of which Cortex employs into their curlers and flat irons, though this is certainly not all they have to offer. From a spring curling iron in a home bathroom to professional marcels at the salon, the Cortex name can be found catering to an all-inclusive group of consumers.

      Just like most beauty brand competitors, Cortex International has also generated conditioners, glosses, polishes, glazes, oils, and serums to go alongside their own styling devices.

    • GVP

      Right off the bat, Generic Value Products states that their goal is to produce high-quality items at “Popular Prices”. GVP’s line of irons mostly include ceramic plates 1 inch wide, to give the consumer a more versatile product in a compact, as well as fashionably printed, package. To pair with these devices, GVP has also crafted shampoos, gels, foams, and infusions with natural ingredients.

    • Sedu

      Sedu is a company that continually consults with stylists and scientists in order to create a superior product. Their craft tools are constructed with the latest in heat-styling innovation, often times incorporating the use of tourmaline, diamond technology, and ionic ceramic plating.

      This award-winning brand produces just about every type of styling apparatus under the rainbow, as well as educating its consumers about hair care do’s and don’ts.

    • PYT

      Pretty Young Thing creates looks that appear as if they came straight off the runway. Based in New York, one of the world’s fashion capitals, they work powerful titanium and tourmaline into their curlers and irons. Incorporate the latest that fashion technology has to offer.

      A quick browse through their website will confirm that they are NewYorkers, integrating sleek finishes, fashionable color schemes, and designs into all their products, oil treatments, and replenishing masks included.

    • CHI

      Mostly known for their bright red packaging, you can always spot a CHI product. Beyond that, they have salons and salon academies in the U.S.A., including their own line of color.

    • Proliss

      On the high-end scale but also like Herstyler with their unique designs. Like a cool combination of the two. They focus on quality hair tools and offer full sets of some of their best products all in one box.

    • Bellezza

      Mainly focused on mid-range flat irons with just a handful of other tools like hair dryers and curling irons. They do one thing and do it well.

    • FHI

      This brand originated from the inner workings of the mind of a hairdresser with 32 years of experience. FHI offers not only flat irons, but also a sophisticated range of dryers, curlers, and a uniquely designed stylus that vastly makes this company stand out from the crowd. With this brand, quality and luxury are part of the name.

    • NuMe

      NuMe first appeared on the main stage with the introduction of the revolutionary clipless curling wand, though this was only one product in their line of beauty merchandises. Along with their stylish selection of dryers, curlers and hair care products, they also offer a diversity of makeup and have newly dropped the NuMe nails collection, so that everyone can accessorize with original nail art.

    • Good Hair Day

      High-end hair tools highly sought after and used in salons, with a small selection of brushes and styling products. Due to counterfeiting, they offer the ability to register your product with the company. A quick look at Good Hair Day’s website will convince you that this is the brand to look for when you desire to partake in “the spirit of transformation.” Consistently creating new products, these flat irons will ensure a decrease in breakage of hair by 50%.

    • Paul Mitchell

      Hands down, one of the best straightening iron names in hair. Flat irons are just the tip of the iceberg. Paul Mitchell has full salons and schools and fosters a community of philanthropy.

    • BaByliss

      Operated by Conair, one of the most well-known names in affordable hair care often found in discount stores, most well known for their hair removal devices. It is their higher end line of hair stylers and shavers.

    • Herstyler

      Medium-priced hair tools, often with fun and funky designs or colors. Offers a small stable of hair care products based on argan oil.

    • Rusk

      For flat irons, Rusk employs a versatile curved plate barrel, usually no bigger than 1.5” that allows the user to create a variety of different looks. Rusk is carried by all major beauty stores for a popular price that only results in salon quality hairstyles.

    • ISA

      ISA Professional hair products are for those searching for a product that will last for years to come, and who also has a bit more money to spare. The flat irons they offer are produced most often in ceramic plating and work best in wavy manes.

    • Onei

      Onei offers new tech flat irons with a fantastically long 4-year warranty attached to all their products, so you will never find yourself without a working device. Having the salon more at the head of their focus, they incorporate features that would make the Professional styler’s life easier, such as a 360-degree swivel cord.

    • InfraShine

      This brand creates larger irons for the larger lifestyle. Offering beautifully up to 2 inches crafted ceramic plated straighteners, these incorporate negative ion technology to leave your hair feeling silky and smooth every time.

    • Croc

      Croc infuses their hair styling products with the endless summer feel of the California life. Fashion being at the top of their concern, they offer large and effective flat irons, which with a little more buck, will certainly produce a loud and large bang, pun intended.

5 Tips to Straighten Like a Professional

Professional Flat Iron featuresOK, the time has come to straighten your hair and so you reach down and pull out your handy dandy flat iron.

You might be a flat-iron virgin, hesitant about the frighteningly infernal plates heating before your eyes, or you might be well-seasoned veteran fearlessly exercising a routine that comes like clockwork to your hands; knowing the right way to straighten like a pro is what will pay off in the long run.

Here we will share 5 tips behind the proper methodology when it comes to the intriguing practice of heat styling your hair.

  1. Always be prepared
    Picking out a good heat-guard that benefits your hair will results in a strong finish once you have completed the ironing session.  A good balm to use is the Bumble and Bumble Straight Blow Dry, which protects, moisturizes and smoothens your hair for a more leisurely experience as you flat iron.
  2. Never straighten wet hair
    In fact, even ironing damp hair could be very damaging. What it all comes down to is the heating of moisture inside the shaft of your hair, which if quickly brought to a boil, could burst the inner region of the shaft changing the way light flows through the hair. Be sure to towel dry as best you can, and even then don’t attack your scalp like a genie might burst out of it at any moment, then wait for a short amount of time, apply the preliminary heat guard and then begin the straightening process.
  3. Achieving a voluminous look comes from the maneuvers you make with the flat iron
    Experts recommend rising up from the scalp and pulling out directly to the sides, and avoid dragging down, beginning from the mid-region of the section you are ironing. To get even more of a flare, as you reach the end of the section twist the wrist a hint more away from the face.
  4. Your maneuvering comes directly to the forefront once more if a more pin-straight style is what you are yearning for
    Begin about half an inch down from the root; this will help reserve a bit of volume. At a constant rate, smooth down the hair shaft. For the sections closer to the top of your scalp, bring the flat iron closer to the root and iron directly away from your head.
  5. Not all hair is created equal, and neither are all flatirons, so know your hair and the type of flat iron it needs for better quality hairstyles.
    Titanium, tourmaline, and ceramic heat evenly so will naturally finish in a smoother look. Once you have the proper iron on hand, select the right temperature. Never go over 400 degrees Fahrenheit, as this is equivalent to hair murder. Depending on the hair’s specific condition considering treatments, quality of care etc., in general, fine or damaged hair should be heated at around 290 to 300 degrees, and thicker, more coarse hair can take a little more of the inferno at around 300 to 340 degrees. Know your hair and what its needs are.

It will take some time to perfect your flat ironing technique, but with these tips reduce the amount of damage your hair takes, and achieve more of the hairstyles you love.

Check out! Follow these hair care tips to achieve perfectly smooth, straight, shiny hair every time you flat iron your hair


best professional flat irons


Recommended Home Hair Straightening Products

Forget the Salon
We love our hair, and so straightening it should be no simple matter, but with the right products, it can be made easier.

These days it is quite popular to have the perfectly straightened hair that many models and actresses seem to be parading down the red carpet, and now having to go to a salon may not be absolutely necessary in order to attain this.

Knowing what to do when
best-hair-straightenerThere are so many at home straightening products now available, it might be hard to know where to begin when choosing them, but first, it is good to know what are the products you need and when.

The first item on the list, before even turning on the blow dryer or the flat iron is choosing a smoothing shampoo and conditioner. Great hair begins in the shower, and choosing a shampoo and conditioner that also have heat protection is an excellent idea.

OK so you are down with your shower, next item you may need is a straightening cream or gel or lotion in order to prep the hair for the oncoming temperatures. This comes on after towel drying.

Finally, we can turn on the iron, and as you are straightening, having a good volumizing spray in hand is also a fantastic idea, as it will lend your hair that energy you love.

To finish off your style, a good silicone serum or spray will add the final touches, and you will be ready to face the world.
Swimming Through the Sea of Hair Care Products
So now you know the “what” and the “when”, the next question you may be asking yourself is “which one?” Below I will go through a few good products that will certainly help you as you begin your next ironing session.

Sraightening-ShampooOne example of a good, gentle shampoo and conditioner combo to use in the shower is the Pureology super smooth set. It tenderly cleanses the scalp, intensifies shine, keeps color, and provides heat protection. Derived from corn, coconut, and sugar, these products use all vegan ingredients and incorporate micro-emulsion technology that smoothens.

For the shampoo use, a quarter-sized portion and apply to wet hair.

The conditioner you must massage on to damp hair and leave for 1-2 minutes before rinsing.

Sraightening-LotionBumble and Bumble have an amazing lotion that is perfect as you are preparing for blow drying and straightening. Taming all varieties of hair, it protects from styling with heat and shields from the ever-dreaded humidity.

It utilizes Concen-Straight technology formulated by Bumble and bumble to maintain healthy hair and decrease frizz. Infuse evenly in lightly wet hair and then blow dry in a sectional manner, or finish off with the iron for perfectly straight styles.

Sraightening-Products-1Phytovolume Actif has developed a volumizing spray that will give your hair the body it deserves. It allows the hair to increase in its bounce, vigor, and ability to hold its style with ingredients such as keratin amino acids, beetroot, and wheat protein. This product is best sprayed at the roots.
Finishing Touch
Sraightening-Products-2The finishing product is just as important as the starting product. Combining jojoba, coconut, argan, and pracaxi oils, this next product increases smoothness, and shine as well as sealing cuticles.

The ultra-light Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment is the perfect end to your regimen. Pump once or twice into your hands and work evenly with your fingers in order to achieve a controlled, soft, and sweet-smelling final appearance.

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Best-Selling Hair Straighteners Comparison Chart

Bio Ionic OnePass Flat Iron$$$Ceramic Plates1.5 inch400 degrees
BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Ultra Thin Straightening Iron$$Nano titanium plates1 inch450 degrees
GHD Classic Flat Iron$$Ceramic plates1 inchVariable heat settings.
Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth Flat Iron$$Ceramic plates1.25 inch410°F
NuMe Megastar Flat Iron$$Ceramic plates1 inch450°F
FHI Heat Platform Flat Iron
$$$Ceramic plates1.5 inches450 degrees
CHI Ceramic Hairstyling Flat Iron
$$Ceramic plates1 inchesVariable heat settings.
Remington Hair Straightener$Pearl Plates2 inches450 degrees
HSI Salon Model$Ceramic/tourmaline ion plates1 inches200 C
Herstyler Superstyler Flat Iron$Onyx ceramic plate1.25 inches500°F

Bottom Line

If you work in a salon, it is the most important part of your job to have the best tools. But if you just want to feel like you stepped out of the salon at your own home, then you also must try one of our recommendations and have a look at the top-rated professional flat iron reviews.

These hair straightener reviews are just a few of the many that are out there in the vast ocean of products for your hair to experience.

If you are looking for a titanium hair straightener, there are hundreds of on the market. We hope our flat iron reviews will help you to finally choose the one that perfectly suits your needs and match your hair’s texture.

Do your research and choose the best flat iron for you, and your hair will more than thank you for it in the long run.

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3 replies
  1. Andra says:

    Best flat iron I’ve ever used is Glampalm. I really love the shine it gives to my hair and that I can use it to create relaxed curls as well.

  2. Amanda M. Rich says:

    Great review. I love my flat iron. NuTika Fashionista Professional Styling Iron has one-inch tourmaline infused plate which reduces frizz and static from the hair, leaves gorgeous glossier locks.The iron has round barrel plate and makes a gorgeous movement, perfect curls, mega volume, and shiny straight hair. This is the best for curly and thick hair. Details -http://www.myhaircarecoach.com/best-nutika-flat-iron-reviews/

  3. Amanda M. Rich says:

    Great post. Hot iron hair tools are awesome for hair styling.  It is very hard and stuff to get a good way to find the best hot iron for natural hair to make the hair stylist. It is also very problematic to know the way and to get the desirable way to select a brand. So Thank you for your advice. You can also look up my site- http://www.myhaircarecoach.com/


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