The 10 Best Professional Curling Irons – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2018)

I’m sure that you love little bouncy curls, or loose, big voluminous waves no matter what your style is, or no matter what kind of a person you are. See up-to-date comparisons on features and prices for the best curling irons on the market today. Here, our curling iron reviews to help you discover which types may be good for you.Best Curling Iron Reviews

Curls are irresistible. From Marilyn Monroe to Beyonce, curls have been looked great on every woman, every time.

We use to go to saloons to have our hair curled and gave away tons of money to have the smoothest, most shining and long-lasting curls. And now all we have to do is to choose the right curling iron!

This mission may seem pretty easy to some, but believe me, if you get the wrong iron you can even lose your hair!

Not literally, of course, but you can lose your healthy, shining hair and have weak, matt, and frizzy hair instead.


Curling Iron Reviews

  • 4.4 Customer Rating
  • Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron
  • PRICE $$$
  • Barrel Type : 24K gold-plated
  • Barrel Size : 1-Inch
  • Maximum Heat : 380°F
  • 3.8 Customer Rating
  • Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret Hair Curler
  • PRICE $$
  • Barrel Type : Ceramic tourmaline barrel
  • Barrel Size : ½–1 inch
  • Maximum Heat : 400°F
  • 4.4 Customer Rating
  • Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron
  • PRICE $$$
  • Barrel Type : Ceramic barrel
  • Barrel Size : 1-1/4"
  • Maximum Heat : 350°F
  • 4.4 Customer Rating
  • HSI Professional Curling Iron
  • PRICE $$$
  • Barrel Type : Ceramic tourmaline barrel
  • Barrel Size : 3/4",1",1.5" AND 3/4-1"
  • Maximum Heat : 400°F
  • 4.8 Customer Rating
  • RC Professional Curling Iron
  • PRICE $$
  • Barrel Type : Ceramic barrel
  • Barrel Size : -
  • Maximum Heat : 230℃


  1. Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron

    This is the most basic curling iron you should have. It’s hot, it’s fast and it’s easy.

    With its Exclusive ThermaTru Ceramic Technology, you can use it every day and have no burns or any other damages on your hair. No doubt, it’s the best ceramic curling iron in the market!

    It has a pink little thermal glove to prevent burning your hand which is pretty cute, and it helps you curl faster.

    1 inch Rod Curing Iron lets you create the 1’’ beachy curls and waves you want in half the time you usually do.

    It has rapid heat up, auto shut-off, universal voltage features with a 2-year warranty. Which means you can achieve great locked curls in seconds if you forget to turn it off no need to worry.

    The only thing you should have in mind is the heat because it heats up to 380 °F, but the glove is the solution to that.

    Check The Price on Amazon!


  2. Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret Hair Curler

    Here’s a revolutionary tool for you to curl your hair in the easiest way ever.

    Designers have made every woman’s dream came true. From now on you don’t have to do anything to curl your hair at home, literally. Because Infiniti Pro by Conair® Curl Secret® does it all for you.

    You only spare some hair and put it in the center of the chamber, hair is automatically drawn into the tourmaline ceramic curl chamber and out comes your perfectly curled hair.

    It has two different heat levels and three timer settings which provide you different curls.

    Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl SecretYou set the timer, put your hair in the chamber when it’s done it beeps and you release your curly hair from the curling iron.

    Here’s a little trick before you use it! Comb your hair to avoid tangles. While getting used to it you may get your hair tangled or stuck in the chamber. But don’t worry, it has a safety tangle-free feature!

    And once you get used to it it’s just a piece of cake. And includes easy-twist barrel cleaner for a hygienic use. Easy, fast, and fabulous!

    Read more about: Infiniti Pro Conair Curling Irons

    Check The Price on Amazon!

  3. Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron

    New - Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron (25mm)Its unique ceramic heating technology provides faster heat acceleration and consistent temperature.

    And it comes with a heat resistant grip, a protective kickstand, and auto shut-off features, with a heat resistant glove.

    Its ceramic/tourmaline ion technology will generate extra negative ions to create the perfectly frizz-free hair without heat damage. If you have fine hair, you don’t have to be afraid of the heat anymore. This curling iron isn’t just one of the best curler for fine hair, but it is also really good for all types of hair.

    Of course, if you are not used to using clipless curling irons, then you may have a little trouble while getting accustomed, but after you get used to it, you’ll find that it is the perfect curling iron to give you that beach-inspired look!

    Remember that you have to wrap your hair around the barrel and hold it while it gets hot with nothing but your hand. So remember to use the glove every time and keep the curling iron away from your head.

    I think its price is a little off the market, but I believe that you will get what you paid for.

    Check The Price on Amazon!

  4. HSI Professional Curling Iron

    Whether you want bouncy locks or big beachy waves, either way, this set will be your personal stylist. You don’t have to spend a fortune on fancy salons anymore!

    You can set the right temperature for your hair while you curl it without doing any damage! Hence, here comes your smooth and shiny look!

    Changing the barrels at first might be a little tricky. You should be gentle and patient if you don’t want them to fall or break down in time. That’s a general difficulty in every curling iron with different barrel varieties. If you can cope with this challenge, this iron is average priced, so you can give it a try!

    Having difficulty deciding on the right size? Why choose?

    Read more about Interchangeable Curling Wands

    Check The Price on Amazon!

  5. RC Professional Curling Iron

    New - RC Professional Curling IronCan you imagine a salon in your home? Even in your hand, in a 3.3 pounds device? No? Don’t worry, you can see it with your own eyes now! Here is the new generation curling iron with its own steam and spray function.

    Some more features: Anti-Scald, Anti-Electric Shock, Tech safeguard, Auto shut-off, Sleep mode and Motion sensor.

    With its 3 timer settings, you can use it for almost every hair type, for different kinds of curls.

    There are 3 temperature settings to select from 190℃, 210℃ and 230℃. It’s best advised to start with the lowest temperature and as your hair gets used to the heat, raise it gradually.

    It also comes with two other important features like ultra-fast heat recovery and Ceramic curl chamber for smooth curl creation which provides you healthy, shining, smooth curls without any damage or trouble.

    Check The Price on Amazon!


    • 4.4 Customer Rating
    • Herstyler 3P Curling Iron Set
    • PRICE $
    • Barrel Type : Ceramic tourmaline barrel
    • Barrel Size : 13MM, 18MM
    • Maximum Heat : 200℃
    • 4.2 Customer Rating
    • Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron
    • PRICE $
    • Barrel Type : 24K gold-plated
    • Barrel Size : 1-1/4 inch
    • Maximum Heat : 428°F
    • 4.2 Customer Rating
    • Bed Head Deep Waver Hair Curler
    • PRICE $
    • Barrel Type : Ceramic tourmaline barrel
    • Barrel Size : 3/4 inch
    • Maximum Heat : 400°F
    • 3.9 Customer Rating
    • NuMe Curling Iron
    • PRICE $$
    • Barrel Type : Ceramic barrel
    • Barrel Size : 25 mm
    • Maximum Heat : 410°F
    • 3.9 Customer Rating
    • Remington Curl Perfect Curling Iron
    • PRICE $
    • Barrel Type : Ceramic barrel
    • Barrel Size : 1/2 inch
    • Maximum Heat : 340°F


  6. Herstyler 3P Curling Iron Set

    Dissatisfied by limitations and want a professional touch on your hair? Here is Herstyler 3P Ceramic Curling Iron Set as a budget alternative. Welcome to a new style, a new you every day!

    Here are three different barrels in different sizes and shapes. It’s like three different curling iron sizes in one!

    You can have large beach waves or tiny little jumping curls, just do it the way you want!

    Be careful, though, if you don’t take good care of the barrels you may lose them early. Unfortunately, they’re not suitable for traveling.

    This ceramic curling iron is designed for professional use but still, you can use it at home, it’s safe, easy and fast.

    If you are worried about burning your hand or want to curl your hair around the barrel freely it comes with a thermal glove, which prevents burning your hand and enables you to touch the ceramic.

    It heats up to 400°F and decides which temperature is right for your hair, no more guessing the right temperature. This Set, here to free you from the limits and decide for your hair.

    Read more about Herstyler curling irons

    Check The Price on Amazon!

  7. Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron

    Is your hair too straight, heavy or long that your curls don’t last as much as you desire? Then you should try Hot Tools Professional 1110 with Multi-Heat Control.

    With 85 watts of power, it heats up to 428°F in only 60 seconds thanks to its Patented Pulse Technology. 24K gold-plated barrels with extra-long cooling tips makes it a heavy duty, long-life heating element.

    It is available in 6 different barrel sizes. Its 1 1/4 size is best for long-haired ladies. And 1-inch size is one of the best for styling short hair. If you have shorter hair, then we recommend you look at  for more advanced hair tools.

    The curling iron also has a temperature memory which helps you set it just once and forget about the hassle!

    But here’s a little tip; if your hair is not that thick or unmanageable, you should start at the lowest temperature just in case. As your hair gets used to it, you can raise the temperature.

    Read more about Hot Tools Curling Irons

    Check The Price on Amazon!

  8. Bed Head Deep Waver Hair Curler

    If you have straight hair and want it to look curly, I deeply recommend you Bed Head Deep Waver, the most user-friendly curling iron for natural curly waves. It’s very easy to use compared to other curling irons and its waves last all day and night.

    It measures only 3/4 inches, which is one of the best among the other curling iron sizes. With this little curling iron, you don’t have to struggle for hours to have naturally curly hair. You just open and shut, open and shut, and in the end, you have your perfect shiny looking, curly hair.

    Its tourmaline ceramic technology keeps your hair’s natural oils and moisture inside so they never get weak and always stay strong and healthy.

    Bed-Head-Deep-Waver-Curling-Iron-2You can use it practically for all types of hair. Unfortunately not for short or shoulder-length hair.

    But if you have straight and coarse hair, we highly recommend the Deep Waver for you.

    If you have long hair you can’t wrap all your hair around a stick. With Deep Waver, you curl every inch of your hair so this technique keeps your natural curls and stays longer.

    I think there’s no reason to wait before meeting the Deep Waver, get one, try it, experience natural, shining, and healthy waves!

    Check The Price on Amazon!

  9. NuMe Curling Iron

    Here’s a new breakthrough in hair styling technology! With its exclusive Tourmaline-infused ceramic iron, you will have the smoothest and the most shining healthy curls.

    And of course, it comes with a heat glove as do all new clipless curling irons. It is recommended to use the glove to avoid burns from the 410 °F heated curling iron. The glove is not %100 heat proof so be careful at all times.

    Speaking of heat, there’s only an on/off switch; there is no high or low-temperature setting and don’t forget that it heats up really fast. Another thing is that its cord is as long as you need it to be. Its price is a worthy buy.

    Read more about NuMe Curling Irons

    Check The Price on Amazon!

  10. Remington Curl Perfect Curling Iron

    New -Remington Ci6219 Curl Perfect Style Solutions Curling Iron, Red (Plastic Packaging)Remington Ci6219 Curl Perfect Style Solutions Curling Iron is here for you. With its little guide paths on its barrel, it helps you wrap your hair around the barrel perfectly.

    The ceramic barrel gives you perfect shiny smooth hair without any damage while the guide paths provide you the perfect curl without any crease mark.

    And be careful! It heats up to 340 °F degrees in only 30 seconds, which helps you when you’re in a hurry to get out the door, but this feature may also get you burnt.

    Getting used to curling your hair around the barrel may take a little time but once you get used to it you’ll get the compliments of your life.

    And if you have short hair it may not be the best choice for you.

    Read more about  Remington Curling Irons

    Check The Price on Amazon!

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How To Find The Best Professional Curling Iron?

What is the Best Curling Iron

  • Know your hair: And how do you know your hair? Your hair can be one of the four things, which are straight, wavy, curly or oily.
  • Embrace your hair: Stop complaining and love your hair and start looking for stuff that will glorify your hair more.
  • The design: Curling irons come in different shapes to get different curls. You should decide which one you want.
  • The Materials: Curling irons are not made of only metal now. There are plenty of different materials used, you can find the right one browsing some curling iron reviews.
  • Find out which size of the barrel is good for you: There are plenty of different barrel sizes, for different kinds of curls. So decide which curl or wave you want to have and look for the size that will fit you.
  • Find out about the heat: There are also different kinds of curling irons that heat up to different degrees. After learning about your hair, you will know which heat is the best for your hair and you’ll decide.
  • Find out about the safety: It may seem easy but you will be holding an iron stick which heats up to 400-500 degrees F, so you’d better look up the safety features of different curling irons and find the one that is best for you.
  • Are you a traveler?: If you travel a lot and you want your curling iron with you, you should learn which one is suitable for traveling with.

Best Professional Hair Curler Types

best hair curler


    A spring type hair curler has a mechanism on the clamp that holds it tight to the barrel surface which you can control by your thumb. Its use is pretty easy compared to other irons. You wrap your hair around the barrel and clamp it. You don’t have to hold your hair and wait while it’s curling so there’s no chance of burning your hand. It doesn’t require any Professional use. Spring curling irons are the most common irons we use at home.


    Marcel type hair curlers’ mechanism is kind of similar to the spring curling irons. But it requires Professional use because its use is a little complex and handling is important. In spring curling irons you use your thumb but in marcel curling irons you use your hand to clamp your hair. They’re not preferred for personal use.


    Clipless hair curlers are the second preferred types. They don’t have a mechanism like spring irons. There’s just the barrel. Like a stick. They usually have a heat glove comes with them to prevent burning your hand because you wrap your hair around the stick and hold it manually. Their use is pretty easy too. And they usually give the most natural results.


    Spiral type hair curlers, as you can get from the name, have a spiral on their barrels between which you wrap your hair. Spirals give your hair a tidier look, the curls look more even and in my opinion, they also give a retro look to your hair. They also have clamps but this clamp is one tiny clamp at the end of the barrel to hold the end of the hair.


    Their working principle is a little similar with the spiral irons. But they have little bumps instead of the spirals. You wrap your hair between those bumps and you’ll get big natural waves. I can tell that these type of irons are the curling irons for beachy waves.


    These curling irons, as the name implies, have a conic shape with narrow upper ends and thick lower ends. You can create different curls in size or shape. Because they can give you varieties of curls and waves, there’s less need to have other hairstyling tools.


    Rotating curling irons save you from wrapping your hair around the barrel. It has a clamp for you to clamp your hair, then you push the rotate button then it wraps your hair around itself. If you’re always in a hurry or don’t want to waste your time on curling your hair, you may love rotating curling irons.


    Hourglass curling irons, we can understand from the name again, look like an hourglass. Which provides you a 2-in-1 tool with which you can have tight spiral curls or loose waves. Its working principle is like clipless irons, comes with a glove too and wrap your hair around the stick manually.


    Cordless curling irons work with a battery which you can refill. They are very easy to travel with. You can carry them around in your bag and use them whenever you need.

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Treating a Curling Iron Burn

So you finally got your curling iron, or you’ve had it for a while now. It has given you exactly what you wished for, the perfect bouncy curls you always wanted.

Everything is sunshine and rainbows until that fateful day you have it in your hand and the next minute on your face.Oops!

We don’t want to say you will burn yourself but have you ever thought what you would do if you had 350 F of heated metal or ceramic slapped smack onto your skin? The first reaction would be to stare at it a bit longer in disbelief. Trying to comprehend if it is that serious. Don’t! Dermatologists around the world will tell you the first minutes after a mean burn matter a lot.

Below is a step by step guide on how to care for a curling iron burn.

  1. Cold compress.
    The first step you have to take is to cool the burnt area. Step away from the mirror and get a cold compress. Place it on the burnt skin until the skin is no longer hot when you touch it.What the compress does is to stop the burn from going deeper. This few minutes could be the difference between a first-degree and second-degree burn.A first-degree burn is the reddish coloring of the skin. Broken skin and sizzling characterize a second-degree burn.If yours is the latter get immediate medical attention.
  2. Layer of Love
    Apply a topical cream such as 1% hydrocortisone cream to the affected area after cooling. Don’t apply too many layers. One moderate layer is just enough.
  3. Hydrate!
    For the days following the burn ensure that your skin is hydrated .the area affected should be well hydrated to minimize the chances of scarring.Look for a good moisturizer .anything as simple as Vaseline will do the trick.
  4. Do not peel!
    We all know how tempting it is to pick at the healing skin. That patch of dark brown scaly skin.Don’t think about how unappealing it looks that is a protective layer. Removing it will just lead to scarring.
  5. Sunscreen
    Yes, you need to put sunscreen on your burnt area. This is more necessary if the burn is on your face. The burnt area is more sensitive to heat.Ensure to cover your entire face or arm to avoid discoloring by protecting only one part.
  6. Leave it alone.
    It can be tempting to cover up the burn using concealer or makeup. This will only make it worse by drying out your burn. If you must cover up use a medical cover-up cream before applying makeup. The creams often are the same color as your skin so that it won’t be conspicuous.

If you follow the above guidelines, your burn will be a forgotten memory soon. A few things you can do to avoid such incidents would be to use a heat-resistant glove, buy a curling iron with a longer cool tip and a rotating cord. This makes it easier to style your hair burn free.

How to Clean a Curling Iron

So now you have bought your curling iron, and you want to create amazing curls. Your hair is popping, and everyone wants to know the secret. You feel great! There’s just one more thing you should do. The same way you take care of your hair is how you should take care of your tools. They are key to your perfect bouncy curls. A dirty curling iron will not only affect the way your hairdo turns out but is also an ugly thing to look at.

The hair products you use and hairsprays create a buildup of your curling iron. The buildup can affect curl patterns, heat transfer, and temperature.

How exactly do you clean a dirty curling iron you ask? Well, we have a detailed guide for you that is easy to follow and even incorporates items you may already have at home!


  1. Switch it off!
    Never start cleaning your curling iron while it’s switched on or still plugged in.Freak accidents do happen, but we don’t want you being one such example. Unplug your curling iron and ensure it is cool before starting to clean.
  2. Rubbing alcohol
    Get a bottle of rubbing alcohol and some cotton balls. If you don’t have cotton balls, just use a damp cloth. Pour some of the rubbing alcohol on your cotton and use it to rub down your curling iron.If you do not have to rub alcohol here are a few substitutes you can use instead that am betting are already in your house.

    • Nail polish remover
    • A thick paste of baking soda and water
    • Tequila (who knew the fun drink could also be resourceful. Make sure it’s at 40% alcohol content.)
    • Household ammonia
  3. Wipe it down
    After using the rubbing alcohol and wiping out all the dirt, you need to give the curling iron a final wipe down.Use a clean damp cloth. Wipe down all parts of the curling iron.
  4. Teflon barrels
    If you have a Teflon coated curling iron, it will take longer for the dirt to come off .for this type of curling iron you may heat t up then unplug it.While the curling iron is still warm.(not hot!) wipe it down using your rubbing alcohol it will glide right off.
  5. Let it dry.
    Before you go turning on the curling iron make sure it has completely dried. We advise leaving it to air-dry for a few hours or overnight.Tips:

    • Don’t forget to raise the clamp and clean under it.
    • For the hard to reach places or those that need a little more force to get clean. Try using a toothbrush dipped in rubbing alcohol.
    • Turning the curling iron on before it fully dries will only lead to more buildup.

Cleaning your curling iron is a pretty simple process. You now have the guide and no excuse for not doing it regularly.Remember if you want your tools to serve you for long you have to do your part by giving them the occasional cleaning.

Auto-Rotating Curling Irons: Innovation or Hoax?

Technology has advanced over the years in the beauty industry. One addition to the curling iron family is the auto rotating curling iron.

We know it sounds weird .how does a curling wand rotate itself? Well, we’re here to tell you everything about this new technology and see if it’s worth all the fuss.

Let’s start with the good!

  1. Goodbye, wrist fatigue.
    I mean how many of us are tired of having to turn our wrists a hundred times to get your head done. This iron is made to turn automatically with just a press of a button.This curling iron is just what you should get .imagine not having to twist and turn your wrist getting hand fatigue every time you want to achieve a great hairstyle.
  2. Auto curling direction.
    Most of the auto curling irons are set to rotate both ways .if you curl one side of your hair to the right you just have to set the other side to curl your hair to the left. You could also switch in between directions to give you a messy hair look.
  3. Beachy waves.
    The different hair curling directions will help you achieve the best beachy waves. Curling in different directions gives your hair more volume. This is a huge advantage especially if you have fine hair and you need the extra body.
  4. Auto motion sensors.
    For some of the high-end auto rotating curling irons, the direction you want to curl in requires no buttons. We know it sounds out of this world! The curling irons are said to come with inbuilt motion sensors that can tell in which direction you want to curl your hair.The auto-rotating irons seem too good to be true, and we wonder why we didn’t think of it before.Just like Capri pants this tool might not be for everyone. Here are a few reasons why.

    • Too slow
      Some of the brands have the curling time set too slow.It just seems it would be easier to twist your wrist and get it done faster. Test the item for the time before buying it.
    • Slightly expensive
      Since this curling irons come with the rotating feature, they are slightly more expensive than regular curling irons.
    • Some people don’t get wrist fatigue
      Apart from the issue of wrist fatigue being a thorn in most people’s sides for some it just isn’t. Some people honestly do not have a problem twisting their hands for long.

Despite which group you belong to the auto rotating curling iron is groundbreaking innovation. If you have fine hair, you know how hard it is to keep it on the curling iron and twist at the same time. This auto rotating curling iron will be a great buy. For those with thick hair, the endless twisting doesn’t have to be a chore anymore. Get yourself an auto-rotating curling wand, and it’s like you have your very own personal assistant. The endpoint is to choose what is best for you and your hair.

The 10 Biggest Mistakes You Are Making With Curling Iron

Mistakes You Are Making With Curling Iron
There is nothing quite, like the love we feel for our hair-transforming tools and the incredible power they endow us with.

The curling iron, in particular, is a device that induces gorgeous, magical revolutions on top of your head as if there were a fairy godmother present, tapping away at your pretty crown.

Curling irons, as glorious as they may be, are not wielded by hairstyling fairy godmothers, however, and are in fact operated by us mere mortals, who, as we are so famous for, are sometimes prone to error.

Whether you are a curling iron veteran or a fumbling heat styling virgin, there are certain aspects of hair curling that everyone must know by heart. Here are 10 mistakes that you may be making during your lock curling routine.

  1. Don’t Forget to Use Protection
    Anytime heat is applied to hair, there is a chance for damage to occur. Heating devices can cause hair to lose its shine, flatten its volume, and overall induce an appearance that closer resembles a dead wig. It is absolutely critical that in preparation to curl your hair, you find a heat-guard spray or serum that specifically works to preserve moisture as you begin styling. Hair will thank you by coming out looking shinier and smoother. Find out what would work best for your specific mane, and apply it before even switching on the curling iron.
  2. Properly Portion Strands
    It may be exhausting to curl your hair, especially if you are one of those individuals blessed with a full, voluptuous mane, but it is essential to take your time during this process. Standing in front of a mirror for an extended period of time is certainly not appealing, but if you are looking for an even curl, section your hair. Do not simply wrap a gigantic clump of hair around the barrel, division off more or less even strands and the look you will have afterward will be more than worth the time it takes to prepare it.
  3. No Touching!best curling iron reviews
    Our lovely hands are covered in the natural oils our body produces, not to mention whatever it is we happen to be touching throughout the day. After you are done curling, or even during, avoid handling your hair with your fingers as much as possible. Allow the freshly ironed locks some time to set in and get their bearings before you tuck that stand behind your ear. Even just a minute will benefit you with a longer hold to sport for the day.
  4. Twist the Hair, Not the Barrel
    This one is a mistake that most people care to admit guilt of. The proper way to curl a strand begins with holding the curling iron pointing down towards the ground, with the base of the barrel close to the root of the strand. Wrap first the root and then the remainder of the strand around the iron, no twisting the iron around the strand. The final appearance will be more natural and longer lasting.
  5. Follow the Right Direction
    Not knowing which direction to curl your hair in can be disastrous. The standard for a more natural, even look is to curl away from the face. This entails that on the right side of your face, and it is best to imagine a clock at this time, you twist the strand of hair down and around the barrel in a clockwise manner. On the left, you will do the same, down and around except in a counter-clockwise manner. If you are perhaps looking for a more tight and precise mane of curly locks, then wind the strands towards your face.
  6. Don’t Lollygag
    Irons get hot. Heat causes a fire, and though most of us are intelligent enough to register if our hair ever goes aflame, a high heat can still cause plenty of damage even if you simply leave the curling iron in place for just a bit more time than is necessary. Do not let the strand sit wrapped around the barrel for too much time. There are irons out there that can reach temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, so be aware of the conditions of your hair, and adjust how much time you spend on your strands. Experts recommend just a few seconds for all types of hair.
  7. Know Your Hair, Know its Temperature
    You know you the best, and as such you must also know exactly what type of hair you have, thus you can know what your hair needs. All hair is different, and so requires that the curling iron be set at differing temperatures. In general, when curling, it is best to stay between 300 to 340 degrees, finer or more processed hair calling for cooler temperatures, and thicker or coarser hair demanding higher temperatures.
  8. A Clean Iron is a Happy Iron
    As much as we like to think our hair is always perfectly clean, or the place in which we do our ironing is consistently immaculate, we must order ourselves a reality check and realize that our curling irons do get dirty over time with use, especially from all the products we add to our manes. The next time you visit your local beauty shop, look around for curling iron cleaners and spring for a bottle. Irons do eventually form buildup from our hair care products and having a well-kept iron will only reward you with a better finished ‘do as well as a higher quality look. If you take care of your iron, your curling iron will certainly take care of you. Don’t forget to check other beauty products like new technology toothbrushes and hair removal tools which will ease your life.
  9. Finding the Right Barrel
    Barrels range from 3/8 of an inch in diameter and can reach widths as big as 2 inches. Know what type of style you are looking for and choose the right iron to fulfill your need. The larger barrels will obviously give you larger curls, and in fact, they might get so large that they turn into waves. Little irons will produce cute ringlets. Just be sure to pay attention to this detail so that you can choose the appropriate iron with the appropriate barrel for the style you want.
  10. Damp Hair = Danger
    Ever had one of those impatient clouds wash over you as you jump out of the shower and then attempt to curl your hair right away? Wet hair is more vulnerable to harm than dry hair when ironing, and to understand how we must quickly look back to our high-school science class days. Moisture undertaking rapid heating can evaporate and inside of a hair shaft, this occurrence can cause breakage and leave your hair looking dead than shiny. You never ever want to hear a hiss as you are curling your hair, so always towel dry as best you can without irritating your scalp of course, and then proceed with the curling.

Best Hair Curler Comparison Chart

PRODUCTPRICEBarrel Type Barrel SizeMaximum Heat
Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron$$$24K gold-plated1-Inch380°F
Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret Hair Curler
$$Ceramic tourmaline barrel½–1 inch400°F
Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron
$$$Ceramic barrel1-1/4"350°F
HSI Professional Curling Iron
$$$Ceramic tourmaline barrel3/4",1",1.5" AND 3/4-1"400°F
RC Professional Curling Iron
$$Ceramic barrelN/A230℃
Herstyler 3P Curling Iron Set
$Ceramic tourmaline barrel13MM, 18MM200℃
Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron
$24K gold-plated1-1/4 inch428°F
Bed Head Deep Waver Hair Curler
$Ceramic tourmaline barrel3/4 inch400°F
NuMe Curling Iron
$$Ceramic barrel25 mm410°F
Remington Curl Perfect Curling Iron
$Ceramic barrel1/2 inch340°F

Best Professional Curling Iron Reviews

Bottom Line

You read our best curling iron reviews above. We tried to help you to choose the best fit, including the best ceramic one for your hair by comparing the top-rated curling irons in the market.

We compared their heat, easiness, utility, safety features and their price. You know which is the right professional curling iron for your hair type and which is bad for you, now.

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6 replies
  1. Emma Stven says:

    My hair comes uncurled when I curl it too when curling the rest of my hair…sometimes I’ll have pieces that WON”T curl back again at all and I have to give up. I use heat protecting spray…I think that’s why it doesn’t stay curled well, but I let it dry too. I don’t use hairspray to curly my hair because it’s not healthy for your hair…I do use hairspray to spray after wards, but when I do curls come undone like they hate hairspray…what should I do?

    • Erin says:

      Try applying a dollop of mouse in your hair working from the roots down ward after you towel dry your hair after showering.
      Let air dry or blow dry before curling.

  2. The Beautilab
    The Beautilab says:

    Hi Emma,

    After applying heat protectant and prior to drying your hair, you should apply a mousse or hair spray without alcohol, but contains natural ingredients. Because alcohol dries out and damages your hair.


  3. laura con says:

    The Shielo Leave in Protection spray works the best – it saves my dry ends from drying out or damaging by the heat. I am drying or curling them almost every day and this Shielo Spray is not allowing any damage to happen to my hair 🙂


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