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BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino Review – Full-Size Dryer


BaBylissPRO-Nano-Titanium-Portofino-Full-Size-DryerChoosing a hairdryer can be a difficult job. If you want a dryer that works best on your hair, you should know the kind of heating and blowing power you want. Unfortunately, many full-sized hairdryers out there are only powerful in appearance. When you use them, you realize that they can only have a loud, noisy motor with little heating and blowing capacity. What’s more, these dryers come at a high price just because they’re so bulky!
So, we took it upon ourselves to tell you about the best, full-sized hairdryer out there. Luckily, we have found the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino Full-Size Dryer. BaByliss is a recognized brand worldwide, known for its services to the hairstyling industry. This hairdryer has one of the most powerful blow-drying mechanisms currently available in the market.
Here is why we recommend this BaByliss hair dryer!

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  • Powerful Motor

    This device runs on a 2000-watt Italian motor that uses Nano Titanium technology to give optimal drying results. This much power might sound harmful, but the motor actually uses it to provide a powerful and concentrated airflow instead of just randomly throwing around heat.

  • Reduces Frizz

    Tired of frizz? This hair dryer also releases ions to reduce the frizz in your hair and gives them a shiny, presentable appearance.

  • Perfect for Fine Hair

    Using Nano Titanium technology, this BaByliss tool to avoid excessive exposure to heat on any part of your hair. Since it is so gentle on the hair, this is the ideal hair dryer for those with fine or weak hair.

  • Takes Less Time

    This hair dryer dries and styles your hair in half the time that standard hairdryers take. If your normal hairdryer takes half an hour to tame your curls, the BaBylissPRO will do the same job in just 10-15 minutes!
    The reason behind this is the device’s Nano Titanium technology distributes heat evenly to avoid overheating in some parts, while the rest of your hair remains wet. It works well on all types of hair with the same performance and helps you save time!

  • Quieter Than Other Hairdryers

    This hair dryer’s Portofino 6600 motor runs on AC, so it produces just a low hum while operating. This helps you style your hair without too much disturbance!

  • Six Heat and Speed Settings

    This BaBylissPRO hair dryer has six heat and speed settings for drying and styling. It has low and high fan speeds to suit your convenience. The hot, warm and cool air shot buttons help you style without too much or too little heat!

  • Nozzle Attachments

    This product comes with a set of three concentrators and one diffuser. The concentrators have different widths and breadths to cater to different styling modes with precision. The diffuser helps with a more subtle airflow!

  • Removable Rear Filter

    The rear filter of this hairdryer is made of stainless steel that can be removed for clearing lint. This helps to keep the performance of your dryer up to the mark.

Check The Price on Amazon!


  • Expensive

    Some people may consider this hair dryer to be a bit expensive. However, given all the attachments and the amazing motor it has, this product is worth the investment!

  • A Little Heavy to Use

    This hairdryer is neither lightweight nor too heavy to use. However, handling it may be tiresome if you’re not used to it. We recommend you take small breaks while using it to avoid straining your limbs.

  • Motor Damage

    The motor of this device operates on high power and might become overheated if you use it for too long without letting it rest. To avoid overheating or any damage to the motor, use it for shorter lengths of time. This hairdryer works quickly, so you can normally avoid damaging the motor!


The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino Full-Size Dryer is our favorite because of its fantastic performance on all types of hair. Its fast-paced motor helps to save time and the multiple heat and speed settings are useful under different circumstances. We’re also in love with the concentrators and diffuser because they allow so many styling options! For all the services that this dryer provides, we can say that this high-end product is worth your investment.

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