AsaVea Hair Straightening Brush 3.0 Review (MCH Heating Technology)

Are you always looking for a way to straighten your hair but want to do it without the all too often accompanying frizz? Then you need to take a much closer look at this excellent hair straightening brush from AsaVea. Hair straightening brushes like this one are the reason why this company is quickly becoming one of the leading manufacturers of hair styling equipment. Its advanced design really takes the worry and effort out of straightening your hair.

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Taking a Quick Glance at AsaVea Hair Straightener Brush 3.0

Here is a brief look at the positive and negative things about this hair straightening brush:


  • High-quality DuPont plastic construction
  • MCH ceramic heat distribution
  • Straight hair without the frizz
  • Temperature locking feature
  • 360-degree rotating tail
  • Anti-snag/Anti-scald design


  • Hard to get the hair close to the root
  • Takes a little getting used to using it properly

AsaVea Hair Straightener Brush 3.0’s Key Characteristics

There is much to like about this hair straightening product. The features it has such as its locking temperature button and easy to set buttons to make it a joy to use. It generates an ideal working heat between 330˚ F to 450˚ F and it works well on all different thicknesses of hair.

The rotating tail it has is a nice feature too. It allows for a lot of freedom of movement as you are using it.

The cord tends not to get in the way of your hair straightening process like it does with some other corded products you use when getting ready.

This is a durable product to thanks to its tough plastic outer construction. It is made using very highly rated and tough DuPont plastics. That means it can handle the heat and extended use this hair styling tool is subject to on a regular basis.

One of the other nice things about this hair straightening brush is that makes an excellent traveling companion. That is because it can be used in outlets that support both 115V and 230V electrical currents.

The Best Feature of AsaVea Hair Straightener Brush 3.0

By far the most impressive feature of this hair straightening brush is the MCH (metal-ceramic heat) heating technology that is built into this product. Not only does it heat up fast but it also heats up very evenly. It puts the heat into direct contact with the most hair follicles possible and that makes straightening your hair go much quicker and easier. That is also what makes this hair straightening brush a salon quality model.

What else that’s unique about this products MCH technology is that the ceramic heating plates do not go the entire length of the bristles so they never come into contact with your hand. So there is no scalding danger like you see with some other hair straighteners and you don’t need to wear a special a special glove while using it.

Areas That Could Use Improvement with AsaVea Hair Straightener Brush 3.0

There were a few areas of concern users had with this hair straightening brush.
One thing that multiple users of this product claimed was that it worked well but it took using it a few times to get the proper technique down to get your hair perfectly straight. It is definitely not a product you will take out of the box and create perfectly straight hair with the first time you use it. Perhaps AsaVea could improve upon the directions for use that come with it.

Also, the anti-snag design works great but it unwittingly has caused another problem for some people that use this hair straightening brush. That is it does not grab the hair roots that are close to your scalp very well. This makes it a problem for styling the area of your hair close to the scalp. It adds a little time to the styling process because of this.

Check The Price on Amazon!

Review Summary

We really liked this product for the most part. It seems to work as well or better than many of the other hair straightening brushes we reviewed. This straightening brush was designed with some unique features such as its advanced MCH heating technology and anti-scald design. It is definitely a hair styling device we think you should check out more if you are looking to buy a new hair straightening bush.

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