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Quietest Hair Dryers | Whisperer Blow Dryers of 2017!

quiet hair dryerWe know, it’s kind of a no-brainer why the quietest hair dryer is such a good thing.

Unless you live alone in a cave, you run the risk of annoying the people around you with your loud hair styling tools.

Waking sleeping babies, spouses, or siblings only leaves them upset with you, nevermind the fact that no one likes to have a loud humming motor in their own ears every day.

Quiet blow dryers are a nice peaceful way to start your day, so we’ve picked our top 4 just for you.

We also round up the top rated hair dryer reviews for currently available on the market, covering everything from budget tough dryers to advanceds. Check it out now!


Reviews of Quietest Hair Dryers

  • 4.2 Customer Rating
  • Velecta Paramount X:Q Onyx Quiet Blow Dryer
  • PRICE $$$$
  • Watts : 2000
  • Number of Speeds : 2
  • Num of Heat Settings : 2
  • Cool Shot Release : Yes
  • 4.9 Customer Rating
  • Parlux Eco Friendly 3800 Ionic Hair Dryer
  • PRICE $$$$
  • Watts : 2100
  • Number of Speeds : 2
  • Num of Heat Settings : 4
  • Cool Shot Release : Yes
  • 4.4 Customer Rating
  • Conditioning Dryer Whisper Light
  • PRICE $$
  • Watts : 1400
  • Number of Speeds : 3
  • Num of Heat Settings : 3
  • Cool Shot Release : Yes
  • 4.3 Customer Rating
  • Onei MK-II Air Ionique Hair Dryer
  • PRICE $$$
  • Watts : 1800
  • Number of Speeds : 3
  • Num of Heat Settings : 3
  • Cool Shot Release : Yes
  • 3.7 Customer Rating
  • HOT TOOLS HT7000Q Whisper Quiet Hair Dryer
  • PRICE $
  • Watts : 1600
  • Number of Speeds : 3
  • Num of Heat Settings : 2
  • Cool Shot Release : Yes


Velecta Paramount X:Q Onyx Quiet Blow Dryer

Velecta-Paramount-X-Q-Onyx-Quiet Blow-DryerThe super sleek onyx design of this Velecta is as futuristic as it looks. With 2000 watts behind this energy-efficient motor, you wouldn’t believe just how much noise is reduced. Speeds reach up to 81 miles per hour, but you’d never know it by the extremely quiet motor.

You just have to feel it to believe it. It tops out around 64 decibels. To give you an idea, that’s only the same as a restaurant crowd conversation.

Tourmaline and ceramic elements create even heating for equal heat applied to the blow drying of each section.

The hair dryer both lightweight and ergonomic.

It comes with a traditional barrel extension plus one concentrator for speed and one for precision. If you have straight and thick hair but you want beachy waves the cool shot button on the Velecta makes this hair dryer the best for thick hair and locking those curls in.

Since this quiet hair dryer truly was designed for salon use, it’s not only perfect for translating salon style to the home, but it’s a perfect choice for our hairstylist friends. Your salon is already hopping and noisy, to begin with, so why not tame some of that volume?

This Velecta hair dryer will allow you to style your clients perfectly while still carrying on a normal level conversation with them.

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Parlux Eco Friendly 3800 Ionic Hair Dryer

Parlux-Parlux-Eco-Friendly-3800-Dryer,-SilverDon’t let the number fool you. 3800 might be just a wee too powerful for a hair dryer. But at a solid 2100 watts, this Parlux Ionic Hair Dryer is doing exactly what other companies and hair dryers should be doing for the market – keeping the environment in mind. Yes, eco is all the rage, but how does that extend to hair styling tools? With hair dryers made of ozone friendly recyclable materials, of course. Now when you style your hair, you can know you’re doing your part.

The low noise silencer is a great bonus to ionic hair dryer technology. Plus, you’ll have a whole four heat settings to choose from so that you can maintain control over just how much heat your hair receives on a daily basis. Start low and ramp up as you continue to dry and complete the look, then hit it with that last cool shot.

Curly hair types tend to return to their wavey origins after straightening. To hold that straight line that you strive for the best hair dryer for curly hair is Parlux with its different heat modes.

There is only one type of attachment – the concentrator. A diffuser does not come with this particular model. As many blow dryer reviews have noted, you get what you pay for, and this Parlux is worth the investment.

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Conditioning Dryer Whisper Light

Conditioning-Dryer-Whisper-Light-Model-NoThe lower wattage but high drying power of this Bio Ionic model help keep it in our list of hair dryers.

On the lower setting, you can still carry on a normal conversation without even raising your voice a smidge. And the highest setting doesn’t stray far from that. It’s packed with trademarked nano ionic minerals to keep the moisture in and dry, damaged hair out. This increases shine and your ability to manage your style day-to-day.

Negative ions and far infrared energy seal in the cuticle with its ultra-fast drying.

There are 3 heat settings. By using the lower heat settings you can blow dry your fine and delicate hair without worrying about burning those beautiful strands!

Though the nozzle is a bit longer and therefore not as compact as other quiet hair dryers in our favorites lists, it’s still extremely lightweight. One concentrator is included as well as an easily removable filter.

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Onei MK-II Air Ionique Hair Dryer

Onei-MK-II-Air-Ionique-Hair-Dryer-with-Ionic-Generator-for-Professional-BlowoutsOne of the most powerful of our favorite quiet blow dryers! This hair dryer does your blowout fast but quietly. Whether for home use or for hair stylists, the far infrared energy is only enhanced by the ability to actually choose between negative and positive ions with a separate button just for each.

Add that to the multiple levels of heat and speed and a cool shot button, and the combination of choices equals twelve unique ones. This is perhaps one of the most precise, quiet blow dryers you can find. It will practically style your hair for you!

For stylists – why should your clients get stuck reading a magazine simply because they can’t hear you?

The low noise level of only 75 decibels in this Onei hair dryer (about the same as a passenger car or living room TV) means that you’ll still be able to maintain normal conversations throughout the blowout.

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HOT TOOLS HT7000Q Whisper Quiet Hair Dryer

HOT-TOOLS-HT7000Q-Whisper-Quiet-Ionic-DryerThe name really paints the picture – whisper. At one of the lowest decibel levels able to be designed in a hair dryer, this Hot Tools version also gives you that reduced drying time we all love so much while getting ready for the day or a night out.

A low-EMF, 1600-watt professional level turbo motor combines with all those tiny negative ions to give you the most amount of shine in the least amount of time.

A concentrator and diffuser are included, but the diffuser also comes with a pik for pulling apart curls without any tangles. The pik can be used separately or even attached to the hair dryer itself by using it in combination with the concentrator.

Talk about efficiency! It comes with multiple speeds and a locking cool shot button. This is so much better than other quiet hair dryers that make you hold the cool button in the entire time you are using it. An 8-foot cord is also attached.

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Features of the Quiet Hair Dryers?

A loud hair dryer is the last thing one wants to wake up to early in the morning. Not only is a loud hair dryer detrimental to your hearing, chronic exposure to sounds can wreak havoc on hair cells, causing them to degenerate.

  • Multiple Heat Technologies

    Ceramic, tourmaline, and ionic technology works to add volume and shine to your hair while protecting it from over-heating. While some dryers carry one, others have several and a few carry all. Among the drying technologies, the ionic-based technology produces the least noise. A quiet ionic hair dryer works just as effectively as the standard ionic dryers. The only noticeable difference is their light weight design which may contribute to low noise levels.

    Ionic technology in hair dryers help to eliminate static, save moisture, reduce frizz and give hair more bounce, smoothness and shine. Ionic technology works to reduce drying time. Similar to ceramic technology, infrared also helps to distribute heat and dry hair fast without over-drying.

  • Dual Air Flow

    Dual air flow works to regular airflow, which is a fixed clearance between body and fan and an efficiency fat for smooth airflow to reduce operation noise.

  • Decibel Noise Level

    Nowadays, many hair dryers claim to be quiet while only a few truly are. The average hair dryer runs at almost 50-60 decibels which is better than it was at 80 decibels a decade ago. However, 50 decibels is still quite loud and may still affect our hearing. Anything over 80 decibels is considered to be extremely loud.

    High-end models offer advanced technology that runs as low as 10 to 30 decibels. If you are looking for the safest hair dryer, look for a dryer that produces less than 40 decibels. Disappointingly, most manufacturers are not required to publish the levels of their given decibels. Overexposure to noise can add up if you frequently blow dry your hair.

  • Wattage

    Quiet hair dryers are usually within the mid0range of 1400 to 1600 Watts. Although many hair dryers with 1875 watts are quiet silent in performance.

  • AC motors

    What makes AC motors quieter than others is that it reduces the noise output from the dryer. While AC motors are a bit heavier than DC motors, it will clearly have much less noise.

  • Multiple Heat and Speed Settings

    With multiple heat and speed settings, you will have full control of the noise and speed. With a cool shot button, this will allow you to lock in style and dry hair at ultra-cool speed.

  • Ultra-Light Design

    Models with an ultra-light design allow you to style even the thickest hair for long periods of time, without hurting your arm or hand.

  • Warranty

    As for any hair dryer, the longer the warranty, the better. A majority of hair dryers tend to die prematurely, especially when used daily. When buying a high-quality hair dryer, it is highly recommended to choose one with a 2-year to lifetime warranty.

What is the Number One Thing to Look for in a Quiet Hair Dryer?

To know if an item is truly considered quiet, first check the decibel level. Anything under 85 means you’re pretty safe, but closer to 60 is the ideal range.

If you’re not sure what the actual sound measurement is, then a lower wattage is also a safe bet, though not all lower wattages dry as quickly. If you’re still not sold, read up on reviews of what other customers are saying. Or, as we’re sure you know by now, always trust our judgment!

Surprising Health Benefits of Quiet Hair Dryers

quietest hair dryer
Any doctor would tell you that prolonged exposure to sounds over 85 decibels pose a risk to your hearing. That doesn’t just mean those headphones you keep in your ears all day, but any loud noises you experience, including your hair dryer. With some older or less expensive models, it could take you 20-30 minutes of drying time.

Combined with the loud noise, just think of what you’re doing to your ears over time. An investment in a quiet hair dryer is; saves you both time spent exposed to noise and the noise level itself.

The long-term exposure to high heat and noise close to your ears isn’t exactly healthy, especially if you blow dry every day. According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), employees should never be exposed to any type of noise that is more than 90 decibels. But the average hair dryer today is around 85 decibels and powerful dryer go about 90-100 decibel levels.

  1. Decrease the Risk of Hearing Loss

    Any doctor will tell you that any long term exposure to sounds over 80 decibels is harmful to your hearing. Just imagine your ears being exposed to loud noise for more than 20-30 minutes each day.

  2. No Rude Awakenings

    Unless you live alone, chances are you’re living at home with someone, whether your spouse, baby or even a roommate. Nobody wants to hear you dry your hair at 6 AM every morning. With a quiet hair dryer, you can have voluminous stylish hair in the morning without the risk of waking someone else up.

  3. You Can Still Hear Yourself Talk

    With a significant reduction in noise levels, having conversations with your partner or friends is easy. You won’t have to repeatedly turn off the hair dryer once someone asks you a question. This is also great if you need to hear your baby, especially in the morning.

  4. Calm & Peaceful

    A quiet hair dryer allows you to start your day in a nice, calm and peaceful way – with stylish hair of course. You can wake up, get ready and style your hair without all the noise.

  5. AC Motors

    Most quiet hair dryers often have AC motors. The benefit of AC motors is that it reduces the noise output from the dryer. If you’re looking for something lighter, DC motors will make it easier to dry hair longer without arm fatigue.

How to not let your hair dryer fry your hair: Most Common Blow Drying Mistakes are here!

Quietest Hair Dryers Comparison Chart

PRODUCTPRICEWattsNumber of SpeedsNum of Heat Settings
Velecta Paramount X:Q Onyx Quiet Blow Dryer
Parlux Eco Friendly 3800 Ionic Hair Dryer
Conditioning Dryer Whisper Light
Onei MK-II Air Ionique Hair Dryer
HOT TOOLS HT7000Q Whisper Quiet Hair Dryer

Bottom Line

Quiet blow dryers are not always easy to find. Many make claims that they are not noisy until you get home and find that you’re literally being blown away! Trust one of the 4 quiet blow dryers we’ve mentioned here, and you’ll spare both your drying time and your precious hearing.

Love to hear what you think about the quietest hair dryer recommendations!

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    I went to Japan recently and stayed at an Air BNB place where the host provided us with an ionic hair dryer that is only 58 dB! It only costs between $30-70 USD but unfortunately the voltage ratings are different… otherwise I would have bought one! Why is it that quiet hair dryers cost so much more in North America and aren’t even that quiet?


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